Fowler plays detective in Farmers Insurance videos

Lights. Camera. Rickie.

Rickie Fowler stars as Dick Fowler, P.I., in two new ad campaigns for Farmers Insurance.

Dick Fowler, P.I., according to his Twitter account (@DickFowlerPI) is a golfer, lawn enforcer, philanthropist, ladies man, sensei to Chuck Norris and fresh to death. He has shaggy long hair, sporting a horseshoe mustache.

The first video is called ‘Backswing Sting’, where Fowler takes a phone from a man who is talking and laughing during someone’s backswing. After taking the phone out of the man’s hands, Fowler tees it up and hits it in the hole before exploding and saying, “Looks like that call . . . was dropped.”

In the second video, ‘Divot Dummy,’ Fowler makes the player eat his own divot after not replacing it. Fowler rides away on a dirt bike, but not before throwing some extra grass up in the face of the player.

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