Golfweek equipment chat wrap: Oct. 30

Got equipment questions? We’ve got answers.

This collection of posts follows the equipment-based conversation between readers and Golfweek Senior Writer David Dusek during a 30-minute chat on Oct. 30, 2013. Recap the discussion here.

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David Dusek (@Golfweek_Dusek)

Okay, a few equipment questions have already been sent to me via #Golfweek, so let’s get this thing started… You ask, I answer. Fire away!

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Landon Cameron, @landoncameron: @TaylorMadeGolf @Golfweek_Dusek what’s driver b going to look like ? And what will new tour irons look like? #golfweek

Dusek: TaylorMade is making an announcement in mid-November about an as-of-yet un-named product. I suspect it will be new irons. I was told by a TaylorMade exec in Sept. that the next generation of TP irons are coming soon. Look for thin topline/sole… #Golfweek

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Andrew Punt, @andrewpunt: @TaylorMadeGolf @Golfweek_Dusek if strengthening lofts has to do with trajectory, where does the extra length come in to play #golfweek

Dusek: Because manufacturers are getting better and better and lowering the CG of irons, it’s easier to hit long irons higher … Added length comes from strengthening lofts (delofting) and still having a 5-iron fly like a 5-iron, but 8 yards farther. #Golfweek

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Austin Swain, @ComradeSwain: @Golfweek_Dusek @CallawayGolf #golfweek what new SandWedge competes with TommyArmour855? I want to hit out of sand and off fairway with ease

Dusek: Are you into antiques? Tommy Armour 855s are fossils! If you play twice a week, you should replace your SW/LW each year. There are tons of great wedges out there. Lots of pros like @VokeyWedges SM4s, @CallawayGolf Mack Daddy 2 & @PingTour Tour … @ClevelandGolf 588 has been a gold-standard. Justin Rose & Lee Williams used TaylorMade ATV & led in Prox. from sand in 2013. #Golfweek

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Zak Beeeeeeee, @DalekZak: @Golfweek_Dusek what is the probability that we will see a non-USGA rules conforming set of clubs in 2014 for amateurs only? #Golfweek

Dusek: As my Dad likes to say, “Slim and none, and ol’ Slim just left town.” As a group, golfers are traditionalists … I have trouble imagining that a major OEM (Original Equipment Maker) thinks that a non-conforming set would sell too well. #Golfweek

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Cory Sinclair, @CorySinclair: @Golfweek_Dusek which club category has the most room for technological advancement left before USGA limits?

Dusek: Shafts. The only thing really holding back shaft makers like @FujikuraOnTour & @KBSGolfShafts is the price consumers will pay. Golf clubs can only be so long, but better materials, better manufacturing and clever designs make today’s shafts nuclear. Surprisingly, people focus on the ball and driver head sizes, but I really don’t hear a lot of talk about regulating shafts. #Golfweek

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Chris Richmond, @ccronlife: @Golfweek_Dusek Will Scotty Cameron and Nike offer new putter lines in 2014?

Dusek: @nikegolf just announced the release of the new Method MOD putters (you can read my story on them here). I wouldn’t be surprised if @nikegolf brought out more models, but the company seems committed to the Method line right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn about a new @ScottyCameron for @Titleist line of putters at the PGA Show in Jan. I’ve seen some interesting @ScottyCameron putters at PGA Tour events that are still not available to the public. #Golfweek

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Jeremy Kehler, @meximenno: @Golfweek_Dusek whats your favourite tour only club? mines @taylormadegolf raw xft’s with tour only forged faces. #toobadtheyrenomore

Dusek: I don’t have a favorite Tour-only club, although I love that @RoccoMediate has Jolly Rogers stuck his woods. That’s cool. #Golfweek

Well, that 30 minutes went fast. Thanks for the questions. Let’s do this again! #Golfweek

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