Callaway X2 Hot & X2 Hot Pro lineup

Callaway X2 Hot & X2 Hot Pro lineup


Callaway X2 Hot & X2 Hot Pro lineup

Any discussion of Callaway Golf’s new family of clubs revolves around the word hot.

Hot as in extra distance. Hot as in generating consumer interest. Hot is even in the name.

Some highlights of the new Callaway X2 Hot lineup of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, scheduled to be available at retail Jan. 17:

  • Callaway predicts the X2 Hot hybrids will make the same kind of impact as did the popular X Hot fairway woods in 2013. “A point of emphasis for us,” said Callaway president and chief executive Chip Brewer. “We think these hybrids are really, really good.”
  • The X2 Hot Pro irons will feature the same professional wide-spaced grooves found in Callaway’s new Apex Pro irons. These grooves are designed to produce less spin from the rough, thus promoting a higher trajectory and greater carry distance. According to Callaway, its research showed that pros and skilled amateurs often lose height and distance on full shots from the rough when their irons create too much spin.
  • Phil Mickelson’s Phrankenwood club from the 2013 Masters is alive and well as the inspiration for an X2 Hot Pro 2Deep fairway wood. Also available are 3Deep and 5Deep clubs.

Mickelson’s influence can be seen in many areas of Callaway’s showcase. The 3Deep concept, for example, was developed expressly for Mickelson. At the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club, he did not carry a driver, using a 3Deep off the tee.

X2 Hot is all about distance, but Pro versions are available in every category – drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. “A variety of clubs for a variety of players,” Brewer said. “We want every golfer to be able to find the right clubs. We take this very seriously.”

• • •

X2 Hot drivers ($349.99): The X2 Hot (46 inches) and X2 Hot Pro (45.5 inches) are sold with Callaway’s OptiFit adjustable hosel. This hosel allows independent loft and lie adjustment as well as shot-shape adjustment. The loft range varies from 2 degrees up to 1 degree down.

Stock lofts for X2 Hot are 9, 10.5 and 13.5 HT. For the X2 Hot Pro, only one loft is available: 8.5 degree. The X2 Hot head is 460cc, while the X2 Hot Pro head is slightly more compact at 440cc.

Callaway says the face of the X2 Hot driver is 4 percent larger than the face of the previous X Hot model without adding any weight. Both new drivers feature Callaway’s Hyper Speed Face Cup, made of super-strong 455 Carpenter steel.

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• • •

X2 Hot fairway woods ($229.99): The Hyper Speed Cup Face remains a staple of the fairway woods. In addition, the Internal Standing Wave in the fairway woods was moved closer to the face and bolstered with more mass (up from 49.5 grams to 63 grams).

What’s unique here is three categories of X2 Hot fairway woods: standard, Pro and Deep. The standard offerings are 3-, 4-, 5-, 7-, 9- and 11-woods. This selection harkens back to earlier days, when Callaway was widely known for its 9- and 11-woods. Pro selections are 13.5, 15, 17 and 19 degrees (marked only in degrees rather than numbers). Deep choices are 2 (12.5 degree), 3 (14.5) and 5 (18.5 degree).

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• • •

X2 Hot hybrids ($199.99): Callaway’s hybrids are completely redesigned and re-engineered. The look is traditional. The Hyper Speed Face Cup is here as well, and so is the Internal Standing Wave. Callaway says that in general the new hybrids are 15 yards longer. Numbers and lofts for the standard version are 3 (19 degree), 4 (22), 5 (25) and 6 (28). The Pro version is more compact, with a slightly flatter lie angle and more neutral center of gravity. Pro lofts are 16, 18, 20 and 23 degrees.

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• • •

X2 Hot irons: X2 Hot is a distance iron ($799 steel, $899 graphite, eight irons), and X2 Hot Pro is a player’s iron ($899 steel, eight irons).

According to Evan Gibbs, Callaway’s manager of performance analysis, X2 Hot is “definitely the most accurate distance iron we’ve ever tested, and we deliver all this forgiveness and distance in a much sleeker head design. This is an amazing iron. It’s long, and we haven’t done this by turning 6-irons into 5-irons (lowering the loft).”

The X2 Hot iron (but not the Pro) has a deep undercut in the back cavity. Callaway, along with several other manufacturers, has been able to reduce the face thickness of its irons. This helps create more distance, and Callaway has complemented the explosiveness of its irons with a stabilizing arch on the back of the face. The goal here is increased stability, and the arch also improves sound and feel.

Furthermore, Callaway says it has moved the hot spot lower on the face, benefitting the many golfers who make contact in that lower area of the face.

Compared to X2 Hot, the slightly smaller X2 Hot Pro model has a greater progression in offset and center of gravity height, helping emphasize forgiveness in the longer irons and control in the shorter irons.

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