Throwback: Arnold Palmer on game show in 1960

Throwback: Arnold Palmer on game show in 1960


Throwback: Arnold Palmer on game show in 1960

Yes, yesterday was #tbt (Throwback Thursday), but today we’re throwing it back, too.

Check out this video the Arnold Palmer Invitational shared on their Facebook page on #tbt. It’s Arnold Palmer back in 1960 showing up on ‘What’s My Line?’ – which gets rebroadcast on the GameShow network.

In the game, a fixture in its heyday, four celebrities would question contestants in order to determine their occupations.

It took until the second celebrity – with multiple questions – to find out who the mystery man was. At the time, Palmer had just won two-major championships – the Masters and the U.S. Open – making him a three-time major winner.

Some of the best one-liners from the clip:

“If he had a hat on, I would have known him.”

Questions from the celebrity: “What happened on that hole where you double bogeyed? How do you explain that?”

Mr. Palmer’s answer: “You’re referring to the PGA Championship. . . . Well, that was a bad hole.”



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