Jason Dufner hits arguably the worst putt of 2013

Jason Dufner has already won Twitter for 2013 thanks to #dufnering. Now, he might have just won YouTube.

Remember when Dufner crashed Matt Kuchar’s Google+ Hangout with (Click here to watch that video.) Well, now here’s another video masterpiece that has gone viral.

We’ll go ahead and title this one, “The worst putt of 2013.”

During the Franklin Templeton Shootout, Dufner, playing with teammate Dustin Johnson, had a birdie look at the par-4 ninth hole. But when he went to address the ball, the toe of the putter hit his ball sideways.

After some laughter by Dufner, Johnson, and their playing competitors, Chad Campbell and Mark Calcavecchia, Johnson tapped in a par before Dufner sent his ball for a swim.

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