Number Crunching 2013: Thorbjorn Olesen

Number Crunching 2013: Thorbjorn Olesen


Number Crunching 2013: Thorbjorn Olesen

Over the final two weeks of 2013, we will be breaking down players that rose and fell over the past 12 months. Check out the entire series here.

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Thorbjorn Olesen

Ranking/movement: -158 (No. 56 to 214)

Why the fall? For Olesen, it’s one word: injuries.

Olesen, 24, burst onto the international golf scene with his first victory, at the 2012 Sicilian Open.

But a pulled groin at the beginning of the year and a neck injury as a result of a car accident in Houston made Olesen’s 2013 a bust.

“I think what I’ve done wrong was I’ve played too much under injuries, where I should have taken a long break instead and gotten completely fit,” Olesen said. “But I feel very fit now. I’ve been working hard in the gym and on the course, so I feel strong again.”

Because of the injuries, most of Olesen’s statistics were up slightly from 2012. He also fell in the Race to Dubai: from 15th in 2012 to 32nd last year.

Olesen says: “I’ve been working a lot with my coach (Lars Nysoe) on my swing. It’s nice that it turned out to start shooting a low number again. So hopefully I can keep on doing that.”



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