R&A OKs rangefinders for 2014 amateur events

Ken Venturi makes the final putt on the 18th green during the U.S. Open Golf Championship at the Congressional Country Club course in Bethesda, Md., on June 20, 1964. Despite suffering from severe dehydration and exhaustion due to the 100-degree heat, Venturi went to win the event with a score of 278.

R&A OKs rangefinders for 2014 amateur events


R&A OKs rangefinders for 2014 amateur events

Distance-measuring devices such as laser rangefinders will be permitted for use during R&A amateur events this year, the organization’s Championship Committee announced Monday.

“It will not be introduced for The Open Championship or any qualifying event for The Open Championship,” the R&A said in its statement, adding that the committee is not intending for the change to serve as a recommendation for other tournament organizers.

The Championship Committee is exercising the option under a local rule that has been in effect since 2006.

Naturally, players were quick to react via their Twitter accounts – even if they aren’t amateurs.

• Luke Donald, @LukeDonald: “In competitions good players always want yardages to the front of the green, allowing a laser just adds another step

Donald: Lasers are gr8 4 rounds w/ yr mates & 4 caddies 2 check yardages in practice rounds but I dont think they should be used in competitions.

J.J. Killeen, @jjkilleentcu: “Making DMD’s legal speeds up play plus it’s funny when someone lasers something in the background and airmails the green by 50 yds”


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