O’Meara, Alexander, Jones pick up aces in Par 3 Contest

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Mark O’Meara says he doesn’t care about the dreaded curse that comes with the Par-3 Contest.

No one has won the contest and gone on to win the Masters – sending many of the players that are in contention late to have their caddies or family members putt so that their scores are not official.

“It doesn’t bother me because I already won the Masters,” O’Meara said with a chuckle.

O’Meara, the 1998 champ at Augusta National, gave the patrons yet another thrill Wednesday, picking up his second career Par-3 Contest hole-in-one at the second hole. He also had an ace on the seventh hole in 2007.

“As a champion, I just feel fortunate to be able to come out here every year,” said O’Meara, pointing to his wife, Meredith, as a lucky charm after she carried his bag for the first time.

O’Meara wasn’t the only player to ace the second hole, as Florida Gators coach and former U.S. Amateur champion Buddy Alexander would add one about 90 minutes later.

Near the end of the day, Matt Jones’ incredible week continued with an ace at the third hole after Matt Every had come within one inch of doing the same earlier in the contest.

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