TaylorMade Limited Edition SLDR White driver

Beginning with the R11 in three years ago, TaylorMade started producing white-crowned drivers exclusively. According to the company, the contrast created by the white crown and the darker hitting surface of the face helped players improve their alignment at address.

Then, last summer, after the successful release of the white-crowned TaylorMade R1 driver, the company released the Limited Edition R1 Black. The dark crowned SLDR and JetSpeed drivers soon followed.

At last week’s Masters, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia and a host of other TaylorMade staff players swung drivers that were black.

Today, TaylorMade announced that the Limited Edition SLDR White would begin shipping May 2.

Why white?

According to Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s director of product creation, “There’s interest there from consumers and golfers. We made the club internally and people got really excited about it.”

Bazzel wouldn’t rule out more white drivers coming from TaylorMade and said that the company is exploring all its options with regard to cosmetics.

Bazzel and TaylorMade also declined to say exactly how limited the Limited Edition SLDR White driver would be.

“I can tell you right now that when our sales reps saw it for the first time, they told us ‘We want more,’ ” Bazzel said. “But we told them we’re not going to do that.”

From a technical standpoint, the Limited Edition SLDR White is identical to the original SLDR. It has a 460cc head; an adjustable 12-position hosel mechanism that can increase or decrease the club’s stated loft by up to 1.5 degrees; and a 20-gram weight that can be affixed into 21 positions to create a draw or a fade bias.

According to TaylorMade, the SLDR’s low and forward center of gravity (CG) position lowers spin and creates more ball speed. To maximize distance, TaylorMade recommends golfers play with more loft to achieve the coveted high-launch, low-spin launch condition that can maximize distance.

Here is an exclusive video, featuring Tom Kroll, TaylorMade’s product evangelist, that explains many of the features of the original SLDR driver:

The Limited Edition SLDR White will cost $399 and come standard with a Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft.

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