Scotty Cameron Newport 2, GoLo 7 Dual Balance putters

Titleist’s master putter-maker, Scotty Cameron, released his first counterbalanced putter, the Futura X Dual Balance, in December.

With the interest in counterbalance putters growing, both among PGA Tour players and amateurs, Cameron will add two more counterbalanced putters May 30.

The new Select Newport 2 Dual Balance and the GoLo 7 Dual Balance are designed to provide stability during the stroke. Each is patterned after successful existing putters, only heavier.

The standard Newport 2 and GoLo 7 heads weigh between 330 and 350 grams, depending on length. The Select Newport 2 and GoLo 7 Dual Balance putters feature heads that are slightly larger than their traditionally weighted counterparts to accommodate 50 grams more of mass. Each weighs about 400 grams.

Cameron recommends players use a Dual Balance putter that is 3 inches longer than their traditional-length putter. He wants 2 or 3 inches of the grip extending above a player’s hands so that a 50-gram weight slug in the top of the handle remains exposed. The extended-length shafts also were given 50 extra grams of weight.

“Instead of stopping the butt end (by anchoring it to your body), we’re able to slow everything down,” Cameron said in a release. “The counterweight in the shaft helps keep the butt stable and pointed at your belly. The additional head weight makes the putter slower and more lethargic without it feeling too heavy.”

The Newport 2, with its classic heel-toe weighted blade styling, has been one of the most popular Cameron designs for years. The GoLo 7 is a curved mallet design with a single black sight line.

While the Futura X Dual Balance is made from aluminum and features stainless steel weights and a double-bend shaft, the Select Newport 2 and GoLo 7 Dual Balance putters are milled from 303-stainless steel and have a single-bend shaft. All three putters come standard with the same 15-inch Winn grip.

The Select Newport 2 and GoLo 7 Dual Balance putters each have milling patterns on the face designed to enhance sound and feel, as well as a chrome finish that Cameron calls Silver Mist. When they land in shops, each club will have a suggested retail price of $399.

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