Q&A: Wie talks about her winning Nike gear

A week after Martin Kaymer ran away from the field at Pinehurst No. 2 and won the U.S. Open, Michelle Wie broke through to win her first career major.

We caught up with Wie after her whirlwind Sunday to chat about her winning Nike equipment (check out her complete bag breakdown here):

• • •

Congratulations on winning the U.S. Open. Do you thinking hearing that is going to get old?

Nope, never.

• • •

A lot of the guys who played in the U.S. Open at Pinehurst took out a fairway wood or a hybrid and added a long iron for tee shots. You went with two hybrids. Was that always the plan, or did you decide to go that route once you saw the course?

With the bag setup that I have, I feel like I can attack any situation on the golf course. The hybrids, I can hit them high or I can hit them low. The irons go high and low. I have a lot of versatility with my hybrids and irons, so I didn’t think I needed to change anything in my bag for last week.

• • •

This season you’ve been using the Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 driver. What are the differences between that club and the VR_S Covert driver you used last season?

The biggest difference that I found is that it’s a lot more forgiving. It’s just a lot easier to hit with the updated cavity back and the face. I feel like it’s a lot hotter, but at the same time a lot more forgiving. The sweet spot is a lot bigger.

• • •

So it was a pretty easy change to make when Nike brought it to you?

Oh, I think it was really easy. They do such a good job of consistently bringing me everything that I like. One of the big positives about having been with Nike since I turned pro, and this is my ninth year with them, is they know exactly what I like. So when they gave me the driver, the change was quick. I fell in love with it, and it went immediately into my bag.

• • •

Rory McIlroy took out his Nike X3X Toe Sweep lob wedge during the U.S. Open, but you played two Toe Sweeps, a sand wedge and a lob wedge. When did you switch to the Toe Sweep, and how did it play in Pinehurst’s bunkers and native areas?

Nike gave me a Toe Sweep wedge, and I was one of the first players to put it in the bag. I think I did that at the end of last year, in August? I immediately fell in love with it and told Nike that you need to make me a 56-degree of this, too. It’s great when I open up the face, but it’s also great on full shots. It was great on grain, in the sand, the rough . . . it worked really well last week. The 60 is the most drastic, and the 56 has less (flange material in the toe area).

• • •

You had some work done on your Nike Method 006 putter right before the start of the U.S. Open. What did you have done?

David Leadbetter had a look at my putting stance, and I’ve had the same putter and lie angle since I was pretty young, and obviously I have a different angle in my putting stance now than I did before. So Leadbetter told me that I should flatten it. It usually takes about a month for me to listen to him, so I finally decided to do it last week. The Nike staff was there on site, so I brought them my back-up putter and wasn’t really expecting to put it in my bag. But as soon as I did it, I was rolling in putts on the practice green left and right, so I had to put it in my bag.

• • •

So when you changed your posture to your current style, you didn’t change to a shorter putter?

Yeah, I kept it at the same length, but obviously it was a little more upright.

• • •

Do you feel more comfortable at address now?

Yeah, definitely. I think my wrists are in a much more comfortable position, and I think that if you compare the before and after, I think my wrists were in a really weird position, but now it’s a lot more natural.

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