Foley not in recluse mode after Tiger split

Foley not in recluse mode after Tiger split


Foley not in recluse mode after Tiger split

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in the Sept. 5 issue of Golfweek magazine; click here to subscribe.

If he were hoping for a chance to slip into recluse mode in the aftermath of the Aug. 25, 2014, news that he had been cut loose by Tiger Woods, swing coach Sean Foley never got the chance. Having committed to doing a clinic on, ahem, The Day After, Foley was at Boston Golf Club in Hingham, Mass. To those in attendance, he could not have been nicer.

With a twist of irony, what made the visit to BGC even more intriguing is that Foley crossed paths with Woods’ caddie, Joe LaCava, who attended as part of a charity endeavor that a club member conducts annually.

The next day, Foley was at TPC Boston working with Hunter Mahan and fans were shouting encouragement. He could only laugh.

You should know that Foley is doing quite well, thank you, and that this break from Woods was as an amicable one. “The first person who texted me Sunday night after Hunter’s win (at The Barclays) was Tiger,” Foley said. Mahan added that he hoped his victory took some heat off of his longtime swing coach, whom he calls “a mentor.”

“The great thing with him and Tiger, I think they’ll remain friends after this,” Mahan told The Man Out Front. “It’s not going to be some sort of high school breakup.”

Foley handles all the media attention by avoiding the gossip. But he did tell The Forecaddie that he was going to write a book about his four-plus years as Woods’ swing coach, only the third coach Woods has employed in his pro career.

A book? Oh, tell me more, TMOF asked. “It’s going to be called ‘Thank You,’ ” Foley said, “and when you open it up, it won’t have any writing.”

Foley’s smile told the story. He was not going to follow in the footsteps of Hank Haney (Instructor No. 2), who wrote a kiss-and-tell book entitled “The Big Miss” after leaving Woods’ side. “I learned so much from Tiger,” Foley said.

Haney did weigh in on Woods’ future, and the question everyone wants answered: Who will be Tiger’s next instructor?

“To me, he’d just be better off just doing it himself,” Haney tells TMOF. “That’s my opinion. Because he’s the only one that he listens to anyways 100 percent.I mean, are we sure he was listening to Sean Foley?”

Here’s guessing at least one man knows that answer.


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