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Staff picks: 2016 NCAA men’s regionals

NCAA flags
School flags fly during the 2015 NCAA Men's Championship in Bradenton, Fla. (Tracy Wilcox)

NCAA men’s regionals kick off on May 16 at six sites around the country. The top five teams in each of the six 13- to 14-team fields will advance to the national championship, to be played May 27-June 1 at Eugene (Ore.) Country Club.

Our men’s college golf gurus have predicted which five teams (in order) will advance out of each of six regionals.

Regional sites and staff picks listed below:

Lance Ringler

Tucson (Ariz.) Regional: Stanford, California, Oregon, North Carolina, St. Mary’s (Calif.)

Albuquerque (N.M.) Regional: South Florida, USC, Texas A&M, Arizona State, New Mexico

Kohler (Wis.) Regional: Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, Baylor, Kent State

Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Regional: Georgia, South Carolina, UNLV, Alabama, Auburn

Nashville (Tenn.) Regional: Texas, LSU, Vanderbilt, Washington, Virginia

Stillwater (Okla.) Regional: Clemson, Oklahoma State, Duke, Oklahoma, Purdue

• • •

Brentley Romine

Tucson (Ariz.) Regional: Stanford,California, Wake Forest, Oregon, Alabama-Birmingham

Albuquerque (N.M.) Regional: Arizona State, South Florida, USC, New Mexico, Iowa

Kohler (Wis.) Regional: Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, Baylor, Florida State

Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Regional: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Auburn, Kentucky

Nashville (Tenn.) Regional: Texas, LSU, Vanderbilt, Washington, Houston

Stillwater (Okla.) Regional: Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Purdue, Clemson, Duke

• • •

Kevin Casey

Tucson (Ariz.) Regional: Wake Forest, Oregon, Stanford, California, Georgia Tech

Albuquerque (N.M.) Regional: South Florida, USC, Arizona State, TCU, New Mexico

Kohler (Wis.) Regional: Illinois, Florida, Memphis, Arkansas, Baylor

Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Regional: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn, College of Charleston

Nashville (Tenn.) Regional: Texas, Vanderbilt, LSU, Pepperdine, Virginia

Stillwater (Okla.) Regional: Clemson, Oklahoma State, Augusta, Michigan State, Oklahoma

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