Some are (righteously) upset over video trend of people getting run over by golf carts


Some are (righteously) upset over video trend of people getting run over by golf carts

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Some are (righteously) upset over video trend of people getting run over by golf carts

We’ll be unequivocal: This trend is not only bad for golf, it’s also detrimental to society in general.

The trend we’re referring to is that of friends running each other over with golf carts … and capturing it on film. This stuff is going seriously viral.

Is this real life?

Yes, unfortunately it is. For The Win’s Luke Kerr-Dineen gave a nice written bashing of this trend here.

Essentially it appears this whole trend started because of the random reemergence earlier this month of this popular Vine.

sorry not sorry! 😂 👉🏻(@bestvines #bestvines)

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From there, golfers in carts had a field day. This trend is simply not smart, but here are some examples of what we’re talking about to give you a picture.

CHOO CHOOOOO (@flans1234)

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Dam water hazard 😣😣 #golfgods #goodmates #timeforaswim

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Parking on top of your friends dead body is barbaric @foreplaypod

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And he was never heard from or seen again.

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We get there’s humor to this in some way? But mostly this is all just danger and pain.

Thankfully, some sage voices have come to the fore against this practice. We mentioned Kerr-Dineen’s scathing rebuke above.

Interestingly, there’s dissension within Barstool Sports (one of the main purveyors of this viral trend) over these videos. Riggs and Trent, the pair that run Barstool’s Fore Play golf podcast and is at the forefront of the site’s golf coverage, stand forcefully against this practice – to the disagreement of those in charge at Barstool.

And there are now also professional golfers and caddies speaking out against this trend.

Should you have fun in a casual round of golf? Absolutely. Be loose out there, it’s supposed to be enjoyable.

But potentially giving somebody a crippling back, hip, leg, etc., injury as a goof? That isn’t what we consider “enjoyable.”

If you’re contemplating making one of these videos, here’s some advice: Heed the voices above and perish that foolish thought.


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