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To improve game, try practicing on course

As golfers, most of us on any given day would take playing a round over spending hours on the practice tee, but in the right circumstances the course can become your practice field.

NCCGA intern finds benefits of working with group

A National Collegiate Club Golf Association intern shares his perspectives on lessons learned working with the group.

NCCGA title brings veteran Michigan team full circle

Less than 24 hours after its maiden national title, Michigan’s club golf team was suddenly divided by thousands of miles. Four players piled in a car after Sunday’s NCCGA Fall National Championship victory, but four more stayed behind in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Michigan wins its first NCCGA national title

Michigan increased its first-round lead at the NCCGA Fall National Championship and finished nine shots ahead of runners-up Baylor and Campbell. Its the first national title for Michigan.

Michigan leads by 5 halfway through NCCGA fall finale

Halfway through the NCCGA National Championship, Michigan holds a small cushion on chasers Campbell, Virginia and Baylor.

Growing the game: Club golf participation soars

For Jim Silva, college golf means tossing a duffel and a golf bag in the back of a 15-passenger van with seven of his friends and driving to the nearest golf tournament. It’s something of a grassroots approach to the game, and a far cry from the traditional life of a collegiate golfer.

Hamori: Perspective on NCCGA Championships

It’s hard to believe the hype and momentum surrounding the Fall 2013 NCCGA National Championship at the Barefoot Resort’s Love and Dye courses for an organization that had 50 teams last season.

Growing golf in the AF spurred by women's team

The NCCGA has tripled in size over the past year, thanks in large part to student leaders like Deborah Kim who are willing to start club teams on their campus.

Q&A: Wake Forest women's team's Dittrich

A recent conversation with Natalie Dittrich, president of the Wake Forest women’s club golf, yielded some interesting perspective on the future of women’s golf.

Q&A: Xavier club golf president Janisse

Amid hundreds of student leaders and club presidents worthy of recognition, John Janisse of Xavier has done an exceptionally good job transforming a dying club into the top club on his campus.

Saldana: Club-golf diversity outreach pays off

Guillermo "Memo" Saldana, who serves as president for the TCU club golf team – and has an interesting perspective on diversity in the game of golf and where collegiate club golf is headed.

NCCGA Prez, Hamori, makes first-ever hole-in-one

Kevin Hamori is the NCCGA President and member President of the Ohio State Club Golf Team, finally made his first hole-in-one at Legacy Golf Club. Hamori won the the Midwest Regional shooting an impressive 75-73.

NCCGA National Championship grows by semester

With an NCCGA National Championship capping off every semester, the top collegiate club-golf teams from each of the nation's 18 regions earn the opportunity to compete for a title.

NCCGA, CGP aim to grow collegiate club golf

The growth of club-golf teams is a grassroots movement that is spreading to college campuses throughout the United States, aided by the NCCGA and CollegeGolfPass.

Ouimet Scholars help students with CollegeGolfPass

Looking to improve the golfing experience for thousands of college students, many of whom participate on club teams, CollegeGolfPass works in tandem with the National Collegiate Club Golf Association.

NCCGA breeds future pros one tournament at a time

From its roots focused in the southeast and just a couple of conferences, the NCCGA has grown to more than 165 teams across the U.S. and is quickly gaining respect.

Non-varsity golf is a non-problem

Upon being offered admittance into my dream school, Virginia Tech, I immediately had a decision to make: to choose my passion, or my education. Club golf helped fill the void left by choosing the latter.

VIDEO: NCCGA's Fall 2013 Recap

The NCCGA takes a look back at the Fall 2013 season after its National Championship last week.

VIDEO: NCCGA's National Championship Recap

The NCCGA's Austin Dillard takes a look back at the 2013 National Championship.

VIDEO: About College Golf Pass

A deeper look at College Golf Pass.

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