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Adjustments in store with anchoring on way out

On Jan. 1, 2016, the anchored putting stroke will be abolished under the Rules of Golf. Golfers who anchor their putters will be forced to adopt alternative methods. The big question: What are the options?

PHOTOS: 2013 Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers

Take a look at a wide assortment of golf options as you gear up for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, courtesy of our fashion blogger Cassie Stein.

McGladrey winner Kirk talks power

Chris Kirk relies on his swing's mechanics – not sleight of hand – to provide distance in his game. It's hard to argue after he won last week's McGladrey Classic.

Short form: Mickelson takes on Merion without driver

USGA officials regard the U.S. Open as a stern examination of all the clubs in the bag – but Phil Mickelson didn't use the big stick en route to an early 67 at Merion.

Toy Box Mailbag: Woods' driver choice and more

Readers' queries this week focus on Tiger Woods' driver choice, challenges of using a 64-degree wedge and optimizing driver loft.

Winner's Circle: Matt Kuchar, Memorial

Matt Kuchar won his second PGA Tour event of the 2013 season, the Memorial, by two shots. Here is a complete list of the clubs he used at Muirfield.

Rude: Anchoring ban for good of whose game?

Let’s not kid ourselves. The ban on an anchored putting stroke, to start in 2016, would seem to focus on “sport” rather than “game.” On competition rather than recreation. On game-face golf rather than social golf.

Achenbach: This anchor drops quietly

As it turned out, there were no changes to the rules proposal to ban an anchored stroke, first presented on Nov. 28, 2012. Tuesday’s tranquil gathering wasn't lengthy, ending after a few predictable questions from journalists.

Word of advice on anchoring rule: Be very careful

Rule 14-1B bans the anchored-swing method but does not ban long or belly putters. Enforcement and interpreting the rule often will boil down to intent.

PGA prez: Members' next step on anchoring unclear

PGA of America president Ted Bishop, an early dissenter regarding a ban of the anchored stroke, must wrap his arms around how his 27,000 members will deal with the USGA's new rule.

The Toy Box Winner's Circle: Masters edition

In a new weekly video called The Toy Box Winner's Circle, our David Dusek breaks down Adam Scott's winning bag at the Masters.

SuperStroke innovations aim to help putting

The original oversized SuperStroke was designed to take hands out of the stroke. That innovation has led to an array of putting grips and growing popularity on the pro tours.

Callaway introduces Hex Chrome+ Golf Ball

Callaway Golf has announced that it plans to have the new, four-piece Hex Chrome+ golf ball in pro shops on April 19. It will be positioned as a tour-quality ball for mid- to fast-swinging golfers who want to maximize distance.

Fast friends on tour: Molinari, Pirelli and Lamkin

Francesco Molinari agreed to use special Pirelli grips on his Nike clubs. He chose grip manufacturer Lamkin because he already felt comfortable using Lamkin’s i6 3GEN grips.

Tait: Avantha Masters proves bifurcation already exists

Bifurcation is the big word on everyone’s lips these days, but one form already seems to exist, as players continue to pay little attention to pace-of-play, including Sunday at the Avantha Masters.

Grip Month: Bubba's driver grip – as unique as his game

Bubba Watson, one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour, has a driver grip as big as a Sequoia. Ping's Tour technician, Daniel Udd, explains the custom work done for the 2012 Masters Champion.

Cobra to release Masters-themed driver

With the season’s first major just weeks away, Cobra Golf announced its Masters-themed commemorative: 1,800 AMP Cell Limited Edition drivers.

Clark's zeal for anchoring helps sway Tour

Tim Clark broke his monthslong silence on the proposed ban on anchoring and shed light on the presentation he gave at a PGA Tour players' meeting Jan. 21 to preserve the stroke.

Grip Month: Golf Pride's green Victory set the bar

Golf Pride's green Victory grip popularized slip-ons and transformed the category. Though it's no longer available at retail, its legacy has shaped Golf Pride's evolution as a leading grip maker.

Shaft Month: Oban delivers performance for a premium

With industry veterans at the helm, Oban is building its shaft business with one word in mind: premium. Company officials say they're all about top-tier performance for a top-tier price.

VIDEO: For Your Game, Patrick Reed's glove drill

Watch as PGA Tour professional Patrick Reed goes through his glove drill with us.

VIDEO: For Your Game, Annie Park

USC star Annie Park shows off her swing.

Re-gripping Bubba Watson's Ping driver

Our David Dusek spent time in the Ping trailer learning how Bubba Watson likes his driver to be gripped.

Surf's Up! Golf's brightest hit the waves

TaylorMade's Chris Piniarski talks about his love affair with surfing and its similarities to golf.

GolfTEC Proven Path: Sequential Lessons

A GolfTEC Player polishes his backswing with GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Dusty Oakwood, learning how to rotate more in the arms and the hips. Coach Oakwood also goes over the game plan for sequential lessons.

GolfTEC: Proven Path

A GolfTEC player gets started with a Swing Evaluation from GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Dusty Oakwood, learning exactly what’s going right and wrong with his golf game.

For Your Game: In-sync downswing

Stephanie Meadow, along with instructor Colby Huffman, displays a drill that helps to maintain an in-sync downswing.

For Your Game: A powerful setup

Instructor Gary Gilchrist shows how pupil Morgan Hoffmann is able to generate so much club head speed due to his "powerful setup."

For Your Game: Putting touch

Instructor Colby Huffman and student Stephanie Meadow demonstrate a simple 3-ball drill that will help improve putting touch.

For Your Game: Drawing and fading

Morgan Hoffmann and instructor Gary Gilchrist discuss a method to train yourself into more effective drawing or fading of the golf ball.

For Your Game: A balanced backswing

Michigan teaching pros Dave Kendall and Lynn Janson share their methods for creating a more balanced backswing.

For Your Game: One-legged drill

Top Michigan teaching pro Lynn Janson shares a tip that will help with your short-range chipping.

NGCOA letter to USGA's Mike Davis

A look at the letter sent by the club owners to the USGA.

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