USGA rejects proposal to extend anchoring deadline

PGA of America President Ted Bishop tells membership that the USGA has decided to stay steadfast in its deadline of Jan. 1, 2016 to implement anchoring ban for professionals and amateurs alike.

Adjustments in store with anchoring on way out

On Jan. 1, 2016, the anchored putting stroke will be abolished under the Rules of Golf. Golfers who anchor their putters will be forced to adopt alternative methods. The big question: What are the options?

PGA to seek 'grandfather period' for anchoring

PGA of America president Ted Bishop indicated that his organization would be given the opportunity to make a case for a "grandfather period" for recreational amateurs at the USGA's annual meeting Feb. 8 in Pinehurst, N.C. Bishop likened the proposal to what was agreed upon for the groove regulations in 2008.

Pettersson drops anchored stroke, switches to short putter

After using a long putter since 1998, Carl Pettersson used the short, conventional putter on a trial basis Sunday and liked the results enough that he is using it again this week at the Open Championship at Muirfield.

Rude: PGA, Tour's proposal a sensible compromise

On Monday, the PGA Tour and PGA of America offered the USGA a compromise on the anchoring ban that helps amateur golfers. Our Jeff Rude says he hopes America's rule-making body will finally just say yes.

Lawyer: No plans to sue over anchoring ban – yet

The Boston lawyer representing nine PGA Tour players who anchor said none of his clients has yet expressed an intent to sue the Tour for deciding to abide by the anchoring ban.

PGA Tour, PGA set to enact USGA anchoring ban

The PGA Tour Policy Board says the USGA's ban on the anchored putting stroke will apply to PGA Tour competition beginning in 2016.

Scott says he won't fight anchoring ban

Three prominent touring pros who use the anchoring stroke with long or belly putters – Tim Clark, Carl Pettersson and Adam Scott – were disclosed to have retained legal counsel.

PAC meets on anchoring with mixed results; bifurcation arises

The PGA Tour Player Advisory Council met Tuesday, but no clear stance was taken on anchoring, and the idea of bifurcation seems to be gaining momentum, according to Davis Love III.

Boccieri to unveil anchoring alternative, EL Series

Boccieri's new EL Series putters, each with a 175-gram counterweight along with a 17-inch grip, are designed to mimic the steadiness and repeatability of belly putters – without anchoring.

Anchoring: Reaction from the world of golf

The USGA and R&A officially announced the ban of the anchored stroke on Tuesday morning, sending plenty of golf's elite players, coaches and equipment manufacturers to Twitter to make a statement.

Clark consults legal counsel after anchoring ban

Tim Clark is waiting for the PGA Tour to announce its position regarding the application of Rule 14-1b. But he's already explored legal options if the decision isn't favorable to players like him who practice anchoring.

Rude: Anchoring ban for good of whose game?

Let’s not kid ourselves. The ban on an anchored putting stroke, to start in 2016, would seem to focus on “sport” rather than “game.” On competition rather than recreation. On game-face golf rather than social golf.

AJGA supports USGA, Rule 14-1B

The AJGA sent out a statement in support of the USGA and R&A’s adoption of Rule 14-1B.

Cal's Stalter: 'Not surprised' on anchoring decision

California's Joël Stalter weighs in on the anchoring ban decision. Stalter, who used a belly putter for the first part of the college season, had returned to a short putter.

USGA, R&A move forward on anchoring ban

Acting "for the Good of the game," the USGA and R&A announced the adoption of Rule 14-1b, which prohibits anchoring the club in making a stroke.

Achenbach: This anchor drops quietly

As it turned out, there were no changes to the rules proposal to ban an anchored stroke, first presented on Nov. 28, 2012. Tuesday’s tranquil gathering wasn't lengthy, ending after a few predictable questions from journalists.

Word of advice on anchoring rule: Be very careful

Rule 14-1B bans the anchored-swing method but does not ban long or belly putters. Enforcement and interpreting the rule often will boil down to intent.

PGA prez: Members' next step on anchoring unclear

PGA of America president Ted Bishop, an early dissenter regarding a ban of the anchored stroke, must wrap his arms around how his 27,000 members will deal with the USGA's new rule.

Tour yet to determine how or if it will implement ban

"We will now begin our process to ascertain whether the various provisions of Rule 14-1b will be implemented in our competitions and, if so, examine the process for implementation."

Video: Alex Miceli weighs in on anchoring proposal

Golfweek senior writer Alex Miceli offers his thoughts after Wednesday's press conference by the USGA and R&A.

Video: USGA, R&A explain proposed change

USGA, R&A explain proposed Rules change to prohibit anchored strokes.

USGA explanation of anchoring ban

The USGA and R&A explain their decision to move forward with the anchoring ban in this detailed document.

NGCOA letter to USGA's Mike Davis

A look at the letter sent to the USGA by the club owners.

NGCOA letter to USGA's Mike Davis

A look at the letter sent by the club owners to the USGA.

Ted Bishop Letter, PGA President

Letter from Ted Bishops, PGA President to Glen Nager and Mike Davis of the USGA regarding long putters and anchoring.