Enso represents new frontier in club fitting

Golf club fitting has come a long, long way from the days of trial and error. But in today's era of launch monitors and swing analyzers, the Enso from Fujikua represents the new frontier.

Club-fitting series: Adams Golf's Michael Vrska

James Achenbach: Michael Vrska, director of product development for Adams Golf, preaches the importance of proper gapping between clubs and proper lie angle.

Club-fitting series: Nike Golf’s Rob Burbick

Nike Golf club-fitter Rob Burbick says all golfers should take advantage of a launch monitor when getting fit for clubs. Many don’t achieve maximum distance because they don’t use drivers with enough loft.

Titleist sheds light on building a belly putter

The love affair with belly putters has exploded this week. How is one made? Titleist shed some light on it.

Ball-fitting isn't as easy as it looks

Choosing a golf ball may appear to be simple. It isn’t. The subject of ball fitting is so important to Titleist that the company has launched a major campaign to educate golfers.

Club-fitting series: Haney’s tips for club selection

So what advice does Hank Haney have about golf equipment and choosing golf clubs? Hybrids, hybrids, hybrids.

Club-fitting series: Stick with the right putter

Bob Charles has advice to everyone searching for a putter: "...find a putter that feels right and keep using it. Over a period of time, you can develop the proper touch - something you can depend on."

Club-fitting series: Know your clubs

Here’s a 21st-century concept: Whatever your favorite golf club may be, however complicated the specs may be, make sure you have it duplicated.

Club-fitting series: High-lofted wedges

Matt Killen, 26, might be young, but his theory on using high-lofted wedges has the attention of Kenny Perry, J.B. Holmes and plenty of other touring pros.

Club-fitting series: 3-wood or no 3-wood?

The 3-wood is the hardest club to design because of the double duty that many golfers expect it to serve. Tom Wishon has a simple solution: Don't use one.

Club-fitting series: Johnny Miller on senior golfers

Johnny Miller on senior golfers: "Most senior golfers shouldn’t carry anything lower than a 5-iron. That’s what I’ve seen. Fairway woods and hybrids are a senior’s delight."

Club-fitting series: Longer, lighter driver shafts

There are two opposing schools of thought on driver length. One maintains that drivers should be shorter for accuracy, the other says drivers should be longer for distance. Who's right?

Club-fitting series: Find the right wedges

In an era of smaller grooves, how does a golfer find the right configuration of wedges? Titleist's Bob Vokey has an answer.

Club-fitting series: The club-matching process

What’s in store for club matching? Here are four examples of how the process is evolving:

Club-fitting series: Importance of being fitted

Why should all golfers be professionally fit for their golf clubs? Because fitting is the No. 1 fundamental for providing consistency throughout a set of clubs.

Club-fitting series: Loft and lie

Lofts and lies, if set correctly, form a reliable progression – creating consistent distance gaps between clubs and producing the same shot direction on all normal swings. And no one has a more influential voice in the process than Ed Mitchell.

2005: For Your Game - Clubfitting of tomorrow

Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade’s chief technical officer, has been at the forefront of modern clubfitting.

2005: For Your Game - Options abound in search for perfect fit

Most golfers know about the importance of fitting. However, golfers don’t necessarily know where to go for a professional fitting. Here is a rundown of some available options...

Golf club fitting could have negative effects

Golf customization is in, and that means club fitting is all the rage. I have gone through the process with a few major equipment makers, mostly in the line of duty as a golf writer, and watched dozens of other recreational players do the same. There are obvious benefits to a set of woods and irons made to your exacting specifications, but they do not always outweigh the occasional silliness of the ordeal.