FYG: For Compton, understanding brings success

Erik Compton understands his golf swing as he seeks marquee billing on PGA Tour.

Lydia Ko takes ownership of her swing

Lydia Ko received a fair amount of criticism last winter for leaving the only coach she’d ever known, just weeks after turning professional.

Channeling Gilmore: Powers' move all about fitness

It’s the new golf, and it’s all about power and speed. The fastest swingers aren’t worried about traditional golf swings.It’s the new golf, and it’s all about power and speed. The fastest swingers aren’t worried about traditional golf swings.

McGladrey winner Kirk talks power

Chris Kirk relies on his swing's mechanics – not sleight of hand – to provide distance in his game. It's hard to argue after he won last week's McGladrey Classic.

Flick's students say final goodbye at 'The Kingdom'

About three months ago, I took a playing lesson from Jim Flick. I figured his genius was knowing how to play the game -- how to get around the golf course -- as much as it was how to swing the club.

Humble, self-effacing Foley dishes at Fitness Summit

Despite the fact he teaches the world’s most recognizable golfer, Tiger Woods, instructor Sean Foley might be the most humble, self-effacing instructor in golf.

Nike unveils golf-fitness initiative, launches app

In an effort to elevate golf fitness – and strengthen its business – Nike Golf has launched a major training initiative called NG 360. Among its first elements: a smartphone app and an alliance with the Gray Institute, a renowned "movement" center.

For Your Game: Jordan Spieth

Cameron McCormick won’t let Jordan Spieth watch video of Spieth’s old swing. It’s a way to block out the bad memories. Spieth’s swing has changed in myriad ways since he and McCormick began working together in 2006.

For Your Game: Charles Howell III

Charles Howell III finds himself back in contention with the shot shape that got him to tour. Sean Martin.

Amateur standout Smith gives you swing drills

Nathan Smith may not make any money for his on-course exploits, but he outperforms many PGA Tour players in at least one category: number of Masters invitations received.

For Your Game: World No. 1 Yani Tseng

Want to hit it like World No. 1 Yani Tseng? Here are some tips that may help your game.

Instruction: AT&T champion D.A. Points

Sean Martin takes a look at the swing of AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am champion D.A. Points.

Instruction: Hyundai winner Jonathan Byrd

Maybe Jonathan Byrd’s recent success shouldn’t come as a surprise. Byrd, winner of his past two PGA Tour starts, is one of the most consistent iron players on Tour.

Verstegen preaches anti-‘duck feet’ at summit

Down with duck feet! That was the message of the anti-duck man, AKA Mark Verstegen, at the World Golf Fitness Summit.

On the range: Illinois’ Scott Langley

Illinois’ Scott Langley keeps his game sharp with two coaches and one message: simplicity. Sean Martin reports.

For Your Game: Matt Kuchar

It took some time, but Matt Kuchar's hard work finally reaps rewards. Sean Martin spent a day with Kuchar on the range to find the secret to his success.

Successfully managing your swing thoughts

The range is for practice and the course is for playing the game. So how does a successful golfer separate the two? James Achenbach explores.

King’s unique teaching style paying off

Charlie King, director of the Reynolds Plantation Golf Academy in Greensboro, Ga., is not your typical teaching pro. As James Achenbach writes, King likes to make people laugh before hitting them over the head with a serious message.

Videos on DVD: Golf's grand library

Golf videos are everywhere. Formerly sold in VHS format, they are now primarily available as DVDs. Subjects range from instruction to entertainment to history.

Want to putt like Zach Johnson? Here’s how

In winning the Crowne Plaza Invitational, Zach Johnson sank more than 100 feet of putts during the final nine holes of the tournament. He made 24 birdies in 72 holes.

VIDEO: Pointers for chipping, Marriott Golf Academy

Mike Ellis from the Marriott Golf Academy provides a few pointers for chipping.

VIDEO: Proper arm position, Marriott Golf Academy

Mike Ellis from the Marriott Golf Academy addresses arm position through the swing.

VIDEO: For Your Game, Patrick Reed's glove drill

Watch as PGA Tour professional Patrick Reed goes through his glove drill with us.

VIDEO: "Eyes-closed" drill, Marriott Golf Academy

Mike Ellis of the Marriott Golf Academy offers up a unique drill to help you with putting.

VIDEO: Tips on uphill vs. downhill shots

Marriott Golf Academy's Justin Blazer gives you tips on uphill vs. downhill shots.

VIDEO: For Your Game, Annie Park

USC star Annie Park shows off her swing.

For Your Game: Gary Woodland

PGA Tour winner Gary Woodland shows off his swing from multiple angles.

GolfTEC Proven Path: Finding the best driver

GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Dusty Oakwood walks through a personalized club fitting session with a GolfTEC Player to find the best driver for his game.

GolfTEC Proven Path: Sequential Lessons

A GolfTEC Player polishes his backswing with GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Dusty Oakwood, learning how to rotate more in the arms and the hips. Coach Oakwood also goes over the game plan for sequential lessons.

GolfTEC: Proven Path

A GolfTEC player gets started with a Swing Evaluation from GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach Dusty Oakwood, learning exactly what’s going right and wrong with his golf game.

For Your Game: In-sync downswing

Stephanie Meadow, along with instructor Colby Huffman, displays a drill that helps to maintain an in-sync downswing.

For Your Game: A powerful setup

Instructor Gary Gilchrist shows how pupil Morgan Hoffmann is able to generate so much club head speed due to his "powerful setup."

For Your Game: Putting touch

Instructor Colby Huffman and student Stephanie Meadow demonstrate a simple 3-ball drill that will help improve putting touch.

For Your Game: Drawing and fading

Morgan Hoffmann and instructor Gary Gilchrist discuss a method to train yourself into more effective drawing or fading of the golf ball.

For Your Game: A balanced backswing

Michigan teaching pros Dave Kendall and Lynn Janson share their methods for creating a more balanced backswing.

For Your Game: One-legged drill

Top Michigan teaching pro Lynn Janson shares a tip that will help with your short-range chipping.