Gleneagles pro shares tips on Ryder Cup course

Andrew Jowett, head professional at The Gleneagles Hotel, recently gave Golfweek a scouting report on Gleneagles, the site of this year's Ryder Cup.

Q&A: Mike Keiser, Bandon Dunes Resort owner

In a Q&A with Golfweek, Mike Keiser shares his thoughts on how to build greens, his tendency to go against the grain, and the similarities between golf and greeting cards.

Sewanee sings praises of Hanse's mountain revival

Nobody will confuse The Course at Sewanee as architect Gil Hanse’s magnum opus, but his minimalist reputation fits right in with a layout featuring "such perfect rolls on top of a mountain," he says.

Kidd’s play: From bullets to birdies in Nicaragua

In February, David McLay Kidd and Carlos Pellas will open a golf course course at Guacalito de la Isla, a $250 million resort project along a part of the Nicaragua coast best known for its world-class surfing.

Course operators fight for market share

The golf industry isn’t growing, so course operators are left to fight for market share. The operators who master the basics of consumer loyalty marketing will be fine. The rest will continue to experience a slow, steady decline.

Nebraska's Dismal River shows a softer side

The next stop in 'dude ranch' revival: A much-anticipated Tom Doak design at Dismal River Club in Nebraska.

Cozby's life in golf merits Father of the Year award

Longtime head pro Jerry Cozby, who nurtured three sons into positions in the golf industry, is Golfweek’s Father of the Year.

Headed to Olympic Club? Try the burger dog

Pros and members alike flip for Olympic Club's iconic burger stand, where the "burger dog" has become famous.

Oakhurst on the auction block; future uncertain

Oakhurst Links, a pioneer in American golf that annually hosts the National Hickory Championship, is up for sale. Will is still exist by the time next year's championship is played?

Owners hope big gamble on Greenbrier pays off

Deep-pocketed Jim Justice vows to make his big gamble on The Greenbrier pay off says our Martin Kaufmann.

Klein: Sharp Park puts focus on muni courses

says Sharp Park highlights the reasons why municipal courses are under fire: budget deficits, public scrutiny and mistrust of government.

Book review: The power of three

James Dodson insists we not forget three legends – Byron Nelson, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan – who all were born in 1912 and set the stage for Arnold Palmer’s generation and those who followed.

Alliss can't quite fathom his place in World Golf HoF

Peter Alliss has enjoyed a long, fruitful career in golf because he hasn’t taken the game too seriously. That trait shines through in his commentary.

Marathon man: 8 cities, 8 days, 600 holes

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to win a bet? For J. Smith Ferebee, a 32-year-old Chicago stockbroker in 1938, the bet was to play 144 holes – eight rounds – on Olympia Fields’ four courses in a single day, walking the whole way with a caddie.

Book review: The 'Rainman' of golf

When Moe Norman would show up on Tuesday afternoons at the practice range of Canadian Open week, the PGA Tour pros would gather around and watch him. They might be the world’s best players, but they knew they were watching the world’s best ballstriker.

Value, 'craic' factor boost Irish golf tourism

Alison Metcalfe, vice president of marketing for Tourism Ireland for the past five years, recently discussed Irish golf tourism with Golfweek.

Klein: Inside the Ferry Point Park project

New York faces sticker shock with Ferry Point Park, a proposed golf course with a soaring price tag atop a Gotham landfill. Enter Donald Trump. Is he a savior, an opportunist -- or both?

CostaBaja offers more than just golf

At CostaBaja, you can come for the sea and stay for the golf. Martin Kaufmann explains.

Special report: Going for the green

As golf courses raise their environmental awareness, many have flocked to Audubon International for validation. In some cases, that recognition might be for the birds.

A good golf trip starts with the right bag

It’s imperative that a travel case protect your golf clubs, and it’s helpful if the sheer weight of the loaded case doesn’t rip your arm out of your shoulder socket as you lug it through parking lots and airports.

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