PHOTOS: The new Streamsong Resort lodge

Check out photos from inside the new lodge at Streamsong Resort in Central Florida.

PHOTOS: Check out the new Streamsong Resort

Our Tracy Wilcox visited Streamsong Resort, built in central Florida, and left with these incredible images.

Streamsong opener: Crenshaw, Doak and Coore, side-by-side

They built it and they came, 300 golf fans, media, folks associated with the owner/developer, Mosaic Co., along with architecture junkies who will go anywhere to see the latest creations of designers Tom Doak, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

Rater's notebook: Streamsong, Blue Course

A look at the Streamsong Blue Course, designed by Tom Doak.

Rater's notebook: Streamsong, Red Course

A look at the Streamsong Red Course, designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw

Streamsong: Mining for golf gold

Only time will tell whether Streamsong Resort, easily the most ambitious domestic golf development of 2013, will be a financial and critical success. But this much can be said with certainty: The people who conceived and built Streamsong aren’t downplaying expectations.