Ask Faldo

Faldo Tips: Refining your pivot and rotation

A medicine ball and reflector stick can improve the rotation and pivot in your golf swing.

Faldo Tips: When to Chip and when to Pitch

Learn the difference between a pitch and a chip, and when it's appropriate to use them.

Ask Faldo: Course Management

Chip Koehlke explains how it's possible to cut out half the hole just by teeing up your ball.

Ask Faldo: Releasing the Club

Releasing the club too early or too late? Chip Koehlke has a simple tip to help get your swing right where it needs to be.

Ask Faldo: Getting Rid of the Shanks

Learn what causes a shank and how to prevent it.

Ask Faldo: 3-Foot Putts

Whether you're a beginner trying to discover your game, or an elite player trying to refine your game, the Faldo Golf Institute is here to help. Having trouble nailing 3-foot putts when the pressure's on? Chip has the fix.