Suzy's Swing Tips

Pre-shot Routine

Every great shot begins with a pre-shot routine. Suzy is back this week to help develop a formula that works for you.

Correcting Alignment

One of the tougher aspects of the game starts right from the beginning, lining up. Suzy's back with a tip that will help you correct your alignment.

Fixing the Reverse Pivot

Are you constantly sending your ball to the right no matter how far left you aim? One cause could be that you've developed a reverse pivot, and guess what? Suzy has the fix!

Hitting from an Incline

A situation that happens way more than we'd like, your ball stops on an incline. Suzy has an easy solution that will help you achieve more consistent, and favorable, shots from these seemingly difficult lies.

Relief from the Cart Path

When you're having a tough day (or a great day) on the course, the last thing you need is controversy on relief from a cart path. Suzy sets things straight so you have at least one less thing to worry about.

Using the Putt-Chip

Suzy Whaley simplifies the not-so-simple shots around the green in this week's Swing Tips.

Wrist Hinge

Do you enjoy a good healthy ball flight? Sure, we all do. Ever wonder why your ball flight never looks like your playing partner's? This edition of Swing Tips teaches the importance of wrist hinge, and how it will get more power and better ball flight in your swing.

Fixing your Chicken Winged Swing

The only place chicken wings should be enjoyed is in your backyard, not on the golf course. Let Suzy help you take care of that chicken-winged finish by getting your hands in front of the club.

Square takeaway with Irons

If you find that you hit your woods better than your irons, it could be that the club face is closed on the takeaway. Suzy can fix that.

Marking your Ball

With so much to learn in the game of golf, some of the smaller details can be taken for granted. Marking your ball, for example. Or, what is the correct way to mark your ball when it has settled in a competitor's line? Suzy has the tip in this week's episode.

Hearing Putts Drop

Performance anxiety happens to the best of us, especially when it concerns short-range birdie putts you know you can make. The key is to stop looking for the putts to drop, and to start listening.

Lofted Pitch Shots

You're in need of a lofted pitch shot to jump a bunker and land softly on a downhill rolling green. Guess what? That's exactly the shot Suzy wants to demonstrate for you this week!

Hitting putts square

Second guessing your aim after that last putt? Maybe you didn't make clean contact at impact. Suzy has a drill that even Tiger still employs to help square up putts.

Pesky Swing Thoughts

If it's not one thing, it's another. Too many swing thoughts at one time can cause you to make silly mistakes or compensations. Suzy has a tip that can eliminate all the noise in your head so you can focus on hitting the golf ball.

Developing a Swing Arc

Everyone looks to add distance to their golf game, Suzy Whaley shows us how a solid swing arc can do just that.

Consistent at Impact

If you hit a slice or a hook, the problem is probably at impact. Suzy has a tip that can help bring consistency to your ball striking.

Inside Cover Shots

Suzy Whaley takes a week off to watch PGA Tour rookie Roland Thatcher and instructor Mark Steinbauer explain techniques on inside cover and partial wedge shots.

Gain better tempo

This week, Suzy offers an easy drill that will help bring some tempo to your swing.

Adding Distance

GolfweekTV swing instructor Suzy Whaley explains how to add more distance with your swing.

Fairway Bunkers

Respected instructor Suzy Whaley gives simple instruction on how to get out of those pesky fairway bunkers.

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