Outsmartin’: Episode 9

Tiebreakers push Smartin to the limit on this week's Outsmartin'.

Outsmartin’: Episode 8

After a tough loss last week, Smartin returns to retake his throne!

Outsmartin’: Episode 7

Golfweek's trivia guru Sean Martin faces his toughest competition yet. Will he keep his winning streak alive?

Outsmartin’: Episode 6

Golfweek's trivia guru Sean Martin faces three new competitors who try to steal away the golden club.

Outsmartin': Episode 5

Resident golf trivia buff Sean Martin returns to battle three new competitors. But with Smartin off his mark, could this be the day he is defeated?

Outsmartin’: Episode 4

Can three LPGA players take down Golfweek's brightest? Find out on this week's Outsmartin' featuring professional players Lorie Kane, Chris Brady, and Sarah Jacobs.

Outsmartin’: Episode 3

Smartin tackles three new contestants. Will anyone be able to dethrone Golfweek's golf genius?

Outsmartin’: Episode 2

Golf trivia guru Sean Martin is up against three new contestants in Golfweek.com's newest game show, "Outsmartin'!"

Outsmartin’: Episode 1

Golf trivia guru Sean Martin takes on three worthy contestants in Golfweek.com's newest gameshow, "Outsmartin'!"