News for Thursday, November 29, 2001


News 2001 November 29


2001: Preferred - Pampering a way of life at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

There is not a better retreat in the northeast Florida than Ponte Vedra.

2001: Preferred - Be our guest

Private courses for the corporate golfer

2001: Preferred - Vegas suburb makes luxurious explosion

Henderson is visibly linked to Sin City by a sea of terra cotta tile rooftops spilling down the hillside and into the valley like the jumble of a Cezanne painting.

2001: Preferred - Adding length alone not the way to ‘Tiger-proof’

Everywhere, it seems, cries of alarm are up: increased length off the tee and the distances modern PGA Tour pros are hitting the golf ball are going to ruin the game.

2001: Preferred - What secrets are kept by TV’s hush?

The best line I ever heard about golf on TV came from a ballerina.

2001: Preferred - Comfort zone

Peter de Savary and guests spend plenty of time in the comfort zone

2001: Preferred - Functional, yet fun

Stylish LPGA players blend athleticism, femininity

2001: Preferred - High ball hitters beware: Pacific winds dictate strategy

The smart-aleck answer to the question of how to play Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes is “very carefully.”

2001: Preferred - Destination

At Bandon, Oregon, America’s most talked-about golf resort has reshaped a town’s face, pace.

2001: Preferred - Improve drives with correct ball-club combo

The driver is the sexiest club in golf. Rare is the golfer who isn’t tempted to cuddle up to the latest, greatest driver.

2001: Preferred - Sophisticated readers, welcome

We know you know a lot about the game. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this magazine.