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Saturday, January 28

2006: How lovely it was . . .

In the good old days, tournament icon Bob Hope hammed it up with former President Ford and other celebs. Now there’s no Hope – and little hope the event will regain its past charm.

2006: Please rake ball marks

In small towns across Nebraska, unpretentious courses with sand greens are popular gathering places for locals.

2006: Stymie: Match play’s odd relic of chance

“More than anything else, it points to the value of always being closer to the hole on the shot to the green and after the first putt.” – Bobby Jones, who won the 1930 British Amateur after advancing because of a stymie.

2006: Anchor away, Jennifer Mills

This just in: Jennifer Mills is enjoying her post-Golf Channel life

2006: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Kauai

Cruise line’s unique Golf Hawaii program offers visitors a sea-to-tee sampler of the islands

Saturday, January 21

2006: The little commissioner who could

No famous dead magician ever did better with smoke and mirrors. Finchem got his players raises while negotiating in a difficult market with fresh blood on the ground.

2006: A change by design, Mary Armstrong

After gender reassignment surgery, course architect finally content with personal, professional life

Saturday, January 14

2006: Green Wave breaks apart

Thanks to Katrina, Alison Walshe will play for her third college in four years next fall.

2006: Without Tiger and Phil, it’s still a Bohn voyage

To Jason Bohn, Mercedes’ largesse stretched the bounds of reality.