Monday Scramble: Back in Black

Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to the Monday Scramble, where we’ll get back to you as soon as we grasp these truths:

• Nick Faldo received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II Saturday.

• As of Sunday afternoon, Stewart Cink had over 320,000 more followers on Twitter than Michelle Wie.

• It’s already been a year since Tiger’s victory at Torrey.

OMG! Twitter wasn’t even cool back then!

• • •

SIGN OF THE TIMES: What else can we tell you about Bethpage Black that you don’t already know at this point, besides the fact that there will be more hot dogs (the food, not pro-Lefty New Yorkers) available this year than at the 2002 U.S. Open?


There is one story we picked up on after sneaking onto Bethpage Black late last Thursday to play some Frisbee golf, which is almost as tough a go as bringing the sticks.

• • •

CREATE-A-CAPTION: Last week...

Real caption: Tiger Woods chats with his caddie Steve Williams on the fifth hole during the third round of the Memorial Tournament (photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images).

Our caption: Stevie Williams: “This would be a great pond to throw cameras in.”

Your captions...

Stevie Williams: “This really works. I saw Crocodile Dundee do it!”

– Anonymous

“Of course we can walk over that water and then, when we get to the last green, I’ll shed this stupid looking caddy jacket.”

– Peter D.

Stevie: “Tiger, have the ball skip across the pond in front of the green three times, but leave enough spin on it to check up next to the pin. Jack has never done that! And everbody knows it!”

– Keith N.

“Make birdie from here, and I’ll let you wear a red shirt tomorrow.”

– Tom C.

“It is just water; you are playing well enough, I know you can walk across.”

– M.P.

“Stevie - you can quit trying to hex the other players. I’m Tiger Woods, remember?”

– Levi S.

CREATE-A-CAPTION: This week...

What would you write? Tell us.

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