Ask the expert: Jerry Garrison

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jerry Garrison

Independent contractor who represents Adams Golf on the

PGA, Champions and Nationwide tours.

How often do touring pros change their grips?

Tom Watson, maybe twice a year. Bernhard Langer, three or four times a year. Some guys will change every few weeks.

What harms grips the most?

Storing your clubs in the trunk of a car deteriorates them more than anything. Every golfer on earth should change grips at least once a year.

How many touring pros use round grips, as opposed to grips with a rib or reminder down the back?

I would say at least 90 percent use round grips.

Do a lot of tour guys use build-up tape underneath their grips?

You bet. Gil Morgan builds them up under his left hand. Brad Bryant builds them up under his right hand. It’s all to control or promote a certain pattern with their ball flight.

Can touring pros pick out a grip that isn’t right?

In general, they are incredibly sensitive. Ben Crenshaw, in particular – he has the most fantastic feel I’ve ever seen.

Do some players use undersized grips?

Sure. D.A. Weibring, Andy Bean, Bernhard Langer all use smaller grips.

Do some players mix grips?

A player like Tom Jenkins will use one type of grip on his woods, another type on his irons and sometimes an elongated, stretch-down grip on his wedges. It’s all a matter of feel for these guys.

How many touring pros use grips with some kind of cord in them?

I would say about 20 percent.

Are there psychological factors at work here?

Sometimes. Allen Doyle wants the logos on his grips placed in a strong position – rotated slightly to the left – because it makes him feel like the clubs are hooked (actually they are square). readers: We value your input and welcome your comments, but please be respectful in this forum.