Golfweek’s Best deals: Kentucky

No. 18 at Cherry Blossom.
No. 18 at Cherry Blossom.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kentucky is better known for horses than courses, but golfers visiting the “Thoroughbred City” of Lexington can find some best-of-breed 18-hole tracks at $2 betting-window prices.

Northwest of town, Cherry Blossom Golf Club, perennially ranked No. 1 among Golfweek’s Best Courses You Can Play in Kentucky, can be had for a measly $26 on weekdays and $34 on weekends. Closer to downtown, you can pull off near the I-64/I-75 interchange and walk on at second-ranked Kearney Hills Golf Links for $26 weekdays, $30 weekends. And east of the city, in Mount Sterling, you can play all day at No. 4 Old Silo Golf Club for $59 weekdays, $74 weekends.

If you tire of pitching, putting and playing the ponies, you might want to explore the region’s other vice: bourbon. The eight distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail ( are located west of Lexington, all within an hour’s drive of downtown.

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