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Curtis Cuppers square off in Round of 64

says four Curtis Cup players squared off Wednesday at the U.S. Women’s Amateur.

With four Curtis Cup players in the U.S. Women’s Amateur match-play bracket, a showdown was bound to happen sooner or later. Turns out, it was sooner than most expected.

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Kang tops good friend Na at Women’s Am

says Danielle Kang took no pleasure dispatching Grace Na in the Round of 64 at the U.S. Women’s Amateur.

Danielle Kang and Grace Na walked off the 17th green hand in hand. Kang said they’re more sisters than friends.

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U.S. Women’s Am: Round of 64 rewind

Capsules from the Round of 64 at the U.S. Women's Amateur.

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Four can’t-miss Round of 32 matchups

offers four intriguing matchups for the Round of 32 at the U.S. Women’s Amateur.

In Round 1 of match play at the U.S. Women’s Amateur, it seemed like so many of the matches were ones we would expect to see in the quarterfinals: Jessica Korda vs. Stephanie Kono; Alex Marina vs. Victoria Tanco; and Cydney Clanton vs. Tiffany Lua.

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Corey & Monty Show comes in a bit fuzzy

says the trouble is not in your set. The Corey & Monty Show, golf’s version of a soap opera, came in a bit fuzzy.

Normally you would have to tune in to “As The World Turns” or “All My Children” to secure your classic soap-opera fix. But if you were out here by the shores of Lake Michigan, you had an even more delectable alternative.

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Players who could win their first major at PGA

thinks these six players could make the PGA Championship their first PGA Tour victory.

The PGA Championship is often (make that excessively) referred to as “Glory’s Last Shot,” a crime I’m now guilty of. But for many players, the PGA is Glory’s First Shot. It’s the site of their first major title, even their first PGA Tour victory.

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Azinger staying out of Ryder Cup mess

says Paul Azinger is spending PGA week on his motorcycle rather than sweating over Ryder Cup selections.

At least one person is paying little attention to this week’s PGA Championship or the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods’ potential selection to the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

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Pavin rips GC report on Woods as ‘made up’

Pavin refutes GC report

Corey Pavin and Golf Channel reporter Jim Gray got into a heated exchange Wednesday regarding Tiger Woods’ possible selection for the Ryder Cup.

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VOTE: Would you pick Tiger for Ryder Cup?

Would you pick Tiger Woods to join your Ryder Cup team?

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Junior diary: Super excited for Scotland

My week at the Junior PGA Championship was a blast in every way possible.

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Junior diary: Talkin’ Junior PGA and U.S. Am

was disappointed not to make the Junior Ryder Cup team, but channeled his emotions into qualifying for the U.S. Amateur.

The Junior PGA Championship was really a special event, especially for me as it was held in my home state of Indiana. It was a little different being so close to home for such a big event, but I think I could get used to it. It was nice to have a few more family and friends come watch me play.

Globalizing the majors – a welcome change

All 40 Europeans in this week’s PGA Championship should feel fortunate. That’s the view of one former European Tour star who feels he didn’t get a fair crack on the major stage. These days the top Europeans think nothing of penciling in the PGA Championship on their schedules at the beginning of the season. It wasn’t always so.

5 things: Less drive-thru for Lefty

Phil Mickelson, arguably the Tour’s best-known burger connoisseur, announced he has gone vegetarian. “I know, I know,” he said as reporters laughed.

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Faux links?

Whistling Straits, site of this week’s PGA Championship, has all the makings of a Scottish-style links, but Phil Mickelson (left) says it plays like an American layout. Either way, it’ll be a stern test for the game’s elite – and could very well produce a new world No. 1.

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‘No Y.E.; you’re confused’

With thunderstorms the main attraction on the final practice day to the 92nd PGA Championship, autograph-seekers had very few choices as they hung on the railing at the practice range.

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The Heartland: Crazy about Motown

Heartland hideaways: Detroit

Detroit has taken its share of post-industrial age licks. But Motown’s golf scene still stacks up. Less than $50 buys a quality round within an hour’s drive of downtown. Native son David Weiss reports.

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Hate to be Rude: Major complications at PGA

says between Tiger’s fractured life, Phil’s arthritis and Westwood’s calf tear, this is a strange conclusion to major season 2010.

Tiger has a fractured life, Phil has arthritis and Lee Westwood has a tear in his calf. What a strange conclusion to major season 2010, writes Jeff Rude.