College golfers debate Texas vs. Alabama

Men's Rankings »

1Cheng Tsung PanWashington  67.01 
2Ollie SchniederjansGA Tech  67.55 
3Lee McCoyGeorgia  67.60 
4Maverick McNealyStanford  67.74 
5Charlie DanielsonIllinois  68.40 

Men's Team Rankings »

1Illinois 68.99 
2Florida State 69.66 
3LSU 70.00 
4Texas 70.02 
5Oregon 70.04 
Podcast episode

College Golf

Breaking down the BCS Championship: College golf-style

Texas freshman Cody Gribble and Alabama junior Philip Weaver break down the upcoming BCS Championship game between their respective schools.

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Cody Gribble


Phillip Weaver

Move over Kirk Herbstreit, Lou Holtz, Todd McShay and the rest of you college football know-it-alls.

We’ve got all the BCS Championship game analysis you need right here on

Asher Wildman talks with two college golfers – Longhorn-for-life and Texas freshman Cody Gribble and Alabama junior Phillip Weaver – about Thursday’s game between their respective schools.

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