2010 wedges: Year of grooves

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The big consideration here is grooves. After Dec. 31 of this year, manufacturers no longer can produce wedges with aggressive, large U grooves. However, virtually all amateurs (except those who play in major amateur events) can continue to use the bigger grooves until 2024.

Some amateurs who want to achieve maximum spin have been stocking up on aggressive grooves that are bigger and have sharper edges than the new ones that are replacing them.

Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled C-C

The skinny: These wedges, available in lofts from 48 degrees to 64 degrees, are marked C-C (condition of competition) and meet USGA groove specifications that will be in effect in 2010 on the PGA Tour. Vokey Spin Milled wedges with bigger grooves will continue to be sold this year.

Cost: $125 MSRP

Available: Immediate

TaylorMade TP xFT

The skinny: Available in lofts from 50 degrees to 64 degrees, the xFT has interchangeable faces. Thus, it is possible to install a fresh club face or switch between larger U grooves and smaller grooves that meet 2010 specs.

Cost: $129.99 (extra faces, $39.99)

Available: Immediate

Adams Watson Wedge 2010

The skinny: The Watson Wedge 2010 is new and available in two configurations: Classic Grind (52, 56, 60 and 64 degree) and Players Grind (52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 64 degree). The Classic Grind features a slightly wider sole, and the Players Grind is cambered for maximum versatility. Both have square grooves.

Cost: $49.99 (Classic Grind), $59.99 (Players Grind)

Available: Immediate

Boccieri Golf The Heavy Wedge

The skinny: Designed by Steve Boccieri, this new wedge uses the same counterweight technology that is found in Boccieri’s Heavy Putters. An extra 65 grams of weight is positioned in the butt of the shaft, raising the club’s balance point and, according to Boccieri, promoting better distance control and tighter shot dispersion. The wedge comes with a Fenco FST Hi REV shaft and aggressive square grooves. Available in lofts of 52 (8-degree bounce), 56 (11-degree bounce) and 60 degrees (4- or 7-degree bounce).

Cost: MSRP $109.95

Available: Feb 15

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