AJGA ACE Grant program reaches $1 million mark

Girls Rankings »

1Andrea Lee2016CA68.05
2Kristen Gillman2016TX68.55
3Bethany Wu2015CA68.87
4Angel Yin2017CA69.58
5Lauren Stephenson2015SC69.8

Boys Rankings »

1Sam Burns2015LA68.25
2Jorge Garcia2015FL68.44
3Austin Connelly2015TX68.57
4Davis Riley2015MS68.61
5Zachary Bauchou2015VA68.67

The AJGA has announced that its Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Grant program has hit the $1 million mark. Since it's inception in 2003, the program has provided 409 junior players with financial help to play a greater number of tournaments.

“The ACE Grant is one of the most important initiatives the AJGA has ever undertaken,” said AJGA Executive Director Stephen Hamblin. “It is critically important that the AJGA help give young golfers who may have the talent, but not the resources, the opportunity to compete on a national stage to gain exposure for a college golf scholarship.”

Twelve ACE Grants were provided during the program's first year. Since then, the AJGA has been able to accept every qualifying applicant for the grant. Reimbursements for 2011 are projected to exceed $240,000 and help 147 players by year’s end.

–Information from the AJGA used in this report.

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