Wilson Staff FG Tour, FG Tour X golf balls

For golfers who seek a combination of distance off the tee and short-game performance around the greens, Wilson offers the Staff FG Tour and the Staff FG Tour X golf balls. There are some subtle differences between the two balls that are noteworthy.

The FG Tour is a three-piece ball with an extremely soft core. In fact, Wilson claims that its 75-compression measurement makes it the softest urethane-covered ball on the market. The FG Tour should appeal to golfers who want to feel the ball on the clubface on short chips and pitch shots.

The FG Tour X ball also is designed using three pieces, but it has a 95-compression measurement, which makes it feel firmer at impact and probably a better fit for faster-swinging players. The FG Tour X ball features the same urethane cover as the FG Tour.

Both models cost $29 per dozen.

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