Cleveland Classic XL, Classic XL Custom drivers

Cleveland Classic XL and Classic XL Custom drivers.
Cleveland Classic XL and Classic XL Custom drivers. ( Cleveland Golf )

Friday, January 17, 2014

In 2012, Cleveland released a titanium driver that featured a mahogany crown and brass-colored accents in the face to resemble persimmon drivers. The company called it the Classic and it became instantly popular with golfers around the world. With the release of the Classic XL and Classic XL Custom, Cleveland sought to build on that momentum.

Cleveland gave the Classic XL the largest, deepest face of any driver it has created. Theoretically, that should broaden the sweet spot and increase the Classic XL's level of forgiveness. The company also gave the Classic XL a face that is thicker in the middle and thinner around the edges, which helped the club create more consistent ball speed over a larger surface area.

With the Classic XL Custom, Cleveland has created its first adjustable driver. The 460cc head has 12 face-angle settings, allowing golfers to open or close the face up to 2.25 degrees each way. Cleveland says that adjusting the Classic XL Custom's face can create up to 30 yards of left or right down-range adjustment for players who battle a slice or hook.

There's a weight port in the back of the sole that houses a 7-gram weight, but a 3-gram weight can also be used for players who want to make the head lighter in an attempt to increase clubhead speed. An 11-gram weight can also be used for players who prefer a heavier feel.

When first made available, the Cleveland Classic XL and the Classic XL Custom sold were sold for $329. readers: We value your input and welcome your comments, but please be respectful in this forum.