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Transitions pairs twentysomething stars

Twentysomethings paired at Transitions

It's youth week at Transitions as twentysomethings Bud Cauley, Ryo Ishikawa and Tom Lewis will be paired in the first two rounds.

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Wrist surgery will shelve Goydos till summer

Goydos' surgery

Paul Goydos, a two-time PGA Tour winner, will miss 10-15 weeks after surgery on his left wrist Monday in California.

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Variety abounds in choosing your grips

Grip Month: Plenty of variety abounds in choosing your grips

Grip Month: It is often said the grip is the only part of the golf club actually touched by golfers. Consequently, feeling comfortable with a grip is crucial. This is accomplished by finding the proper size and style of grip.

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Winn Dri-Tac golf grip

Winn Dri-Tac targets all-weather comfort

Winn says its Dri-Tac is its tackiest grip and reflects a simple mission statement: Combine comfortable feel with non-slip performance in all types of weather.

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Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord golf grip

Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord golf grip has unusual texture

Golf Pride calls the Z-Grip an “aggressive” grip because of its material and pattern. It is a firm cord grip with lots of cord – a throwback to the glory days of all-weather grips.

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN grip

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN grip all about feel

Named after the patriarch of the Lamkin grip family, Robert E. Lamkin, the R.E.L. 3GEN grip is all about feel -- made of an advanced synthetic rubber designed to minimize vibration at impact.

Pure P2 Wrap grip

Pure P2 Wrap grip stresses tackiness

The P2 Wrap is Pure’s tackiest grip. For 2012, the company has unveiled an eye-catching collection of colors and is emphasizing its efforts at grip customization with names and logos.

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Hate To Be Rude: Golf is ushering in its future

Hate To Be Rude

Like Hogan-to-Palmer and then Palmer-to-Nicklaus and then Nicklaus-to-Woods, this appears to be a convergence of eras as Woods-to-McIlroy ushers golf into its future.