Port wins Sr. Women's Am for 5th career USGA title

Ellen Port

HERSHEY, Pa. — Ellen Port won the USGA Senior Women’s Amateur on Thursday, beating Jane Fitzgerald, 4 and 3, on Hershey Country Club’s West Course.

The 50-year-old Port, from St. Louis, won her fifth career USGA women’s title.

“It’s an honor to be another USGA champion,” said Port, who won her fourth U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur title last September. “I have a medal and a flag in the same (calendar) year that I won the Mid-Am. I am so shocked and ecstatic.”

Port overcame a one-hole deficit, winning five consecutive holes on the back nine.

The 50-year-old Fitzgerald, from Kensington, Md., is a former Penn State player.

• • •


Lisa Schlesinger def. Teresa Cleland, 5 and 4

Mary Jane Hiestand def. Peggy Brady, 1 up

Anna Schultz def. Courtney Myhrum, 1 up

Corey Weworski def. Carol S. Thompson, 19 holes

Brenda Pictor def. Cheryl Brayman, 3 and 1

Mina Hardin def. Connie Shorb, 3 and 2

Noreen Mohler def. Colette Rosenberg, 5 and 3

Laura Algiero def. Pamela Kuong, 1 up

Martha Leach def. Susan Stewart, 2 and 1

Marianne Towersey def. Bobbi Lancaster, 5 and 4

Marilyn Hardy def. Jamie Hoffmann, 1 up

Joan Higgins def. Angela Stewart, 4 and 3

Taffy Brower def. Susan Beaupied, 2 and 1

Barbara Pagana def. Denise Martorana, 4 and 3

Frances Gacos def. Liz Waynick, 2 and 1

Jane Fitzgerald def. Christie Austin, 2 and 1

Ellen Port def. Maggie Leef, 7 and 6

Therese Quinn def. Annette Gaiotti, 2 and 1

Claudia Pilot def. Denise Kieffer, 2 up

Susan Rheney def. Pat Brogden, 5 and 4

Andrea Kraus def. Mary Budke, 3 and 2

Leigh Klasse def. Marykay Thano-Zordani, 1 up

Carolyn Creekmore def. Mary Ann Hayward, 5 and 4

Alexandra Frazier def. Leilani Norman, 4 and 3

Lynda Case def. Diane Lang, 1 up

Robin W. Donnelley def. Lisa McGill, 2 up

Lecia Alexander def. Terrill Samuel, 4 and 3

Kim Eaton def. Sarah Bowman, 5 and 4

Rachel Moreaux def. Karen Brannon, 3 and 1

Robyn Puckett def. Kathy Kurata, 19 holes

Julie Harrison def. Sydney Wells, 5 and 4

Sandra Woodruff def. Terri Frohnmayer, 4 and 2


Schlesinger def. Hiestand, 2 and 1

Schultz def. Weworski, 3 and 1

Pictor def. Hardin, 6 and 5

Algiero def. Mohler, 2 up

Towersey def. Leach, 3 and 2

Higgins def. Hardy, 19 holes

Brower def. Pagana, 4 and 2

Fitzgerald def. Gacos, 2 and 1

Port def. Quinn, 6 and 5

Rheney def. Pilot, 1 up

Klasse def. Kraus, 4 and 3

Creekmore def. Frazier, 3 and 2

Donnelley def. Case, 6 and 4

Alexander def. Eaton, 5 and 3

Puckett def. Moreaux, 19 holes

Harrison def. Woodruff, 2 up


Schlesinger def. Schultz, 2 and 1

Pictor def. Algiero, 4 and 3

Higgins def. Towersey, 19 holes

Fitzgerald def. Brower, 19 holes

Port def. Rheney, 6 and 5

Creekmore def. Klasse, 2 and 1

Alexander def. Donnelley, 5 and 4

Harrison def. Puckett, 2 and 1


Schlesinger def. Pictor, 4 and 3

Fitzgerald def. Higgins, 2 up

Port def. Creekmore, 1 up

Alexander def. Harrison, 8 and 7


Fitzgerald def. Schlesinger, 4 and 3

Port def. Alexander, 6 and 4


Port def. Fitzgerald, 4 and 3

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