PGA Tour Canada player hits himself with drive

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Consider this one of those "that-had-to-hurt" moments.

PGA Tour Canada player J.J. Regan, shooting a promotional video along with Alex Carrigan and Chris Killmer before this week's Great Waterway Classic, hit himself with his own drive.

How did this happen? (And we're assuming Regan wasn't trying to hit himself.)

There is a cannon on display at Upper Canada Golf Course in Cornwall, Ontario, where the event will be played beginning Thursday. The point of the video was to show the cannon being "lighted" by a golf club while Regan teed off in the distance. When Regan made contact with the ball, the vantage point of the camera would make it look as if the ball were firing out of the cannon.

However, Regan hit his drive a little too low. The ball ricocheted off a short stone wall before coming right back at Regan and hitting him in the legs – a little too close, if you ask me.

What are the chances, right? And have you ever had something like that happen to you off the tee?

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