Portland Classic: Rounds 1 and 2 tee times

Suzann Pettersen is the defending champion at the Portland Classic.
Suzann Pettersen is the defending champion at the Portland Classic. ( Associated Press )

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Suzann Pettersen, the No. 2 player in the Golfweek/Sagarin Rankings, seeks her third title at the Portland Classic this weekend, looking to join Nancy Lopez as the tournament's only three-time winner.

Pettersen, who claimed the title last year and in 2011 at Pumpkin Ridge, will tee off at 1:47 p.m. Thursday alongside So Yeon Ryu and Anna Nordqvist.

Ryu, who won last week at the Canadian Pacific Women's Open, will look for her fourth career victory this weekend.

Here are more facts and figures about the Portland Classic:

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday-Sunday, Columbia Edgewater CC, Portland, Ore.

AT STAKE: $1,300,000 total purse

SHORT SHOTS: Korean-born players have won the last three events on the LPGA Tour (Mirim Lee, Meijer LPGA Classic; Inbee Park Wegmans LPGA Championship; Ryu, Canadian Pacific Women's Open) ... Pettersen fired three rounds in the 60s last year to win the event by two strokes over Stacy Lewis. Pettersen finished at 20 under ... Gigi Stoll, a Portland-area native, earned a spot in the tournament after winning the Portland Classic Amateur Open. She's a rising senior in high school.

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Tee times and groupings for the first two rounds Thursday and Friday at the 2014 Portland Classic at Columbia Edgewater Country Club in Portland, Ore. (all times PST):


7:40 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Becky Morgan, Jamie Hullett , Madeleine Sheils

7:40 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Amy Anderson, Silvia Cavalleri , Megan Grehan

7:51 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Lisa Mccloskey, Jee Young Lee , Kristy Mcpherson

7:51 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Sandra Changkija, Sue Kim , Reilley Rankin

8:02 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Rebecca Lee-Bentham, Cindy Lacrosse , Brianna Do

8:02 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Yueer Cindy Feng, Birdie Kim , Paz Echeverria

8:13 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Heather Bowie Young, Caroline Westrup , Maria Hernandez

8:13 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Katy Harris, Jimin Kang , Jennifer Song

8:24 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Mi Hyang Lee, Dori Carter , Lorie Kane

8:24 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Karine Icher, Giulia Sergas , Kim Kaufman

8:35 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Chella Choi, Thidapa Suwannapura , Amelia Lewis

8:35 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Jenny Shin, Line Vedel , Haru Nomura

8:46 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Ilhee Lee, Candie Kung , Julieta Granada

8:46 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Mariajo Uribe, Danielle Kang , Hee Young Park

8:57 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Marina Alex, Haeji Kang , Mina Harigae

8:57 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Shanshan Feng, Angela Stanford , Pernilla Lindberg

9:08 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Chie Arimura, Natalie Sheary , Mi Jung Hur

9:08 a.m.(No. 10 tee): a-Gigi Stoll, Marissa Steen , Jaye Marie Green

9:19 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Victoria Tanco, Emma Jandel , Paula Reto

9:19 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Erica Popson, Veronica Felibert , Wendy Ward

9:30 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Alejandra Llaneza, Stacey Keating , Dani Holmqvist

9:30 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Megan Mcchrystal, Irene Coe , Jennifer Kirby

9:41 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Jane Rah, Louise Friberg , Joanna Klatten

12:30 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Giulia Molinaro, Sarah Kemp , Laura Diaz

12:30 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Haley Millsap, Ayako Uehara , Alison Walshe

12:41 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Sun Young Yoo, Jane Park , Jacqui Concolino

12:41 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Hanna Kang, Xi Yu Lin , Kim Williams

12:52 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Christel Boeljon, Alena Sharp , Kelly Tan

12:52 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Lindsey Wright, Ashleigh Simon , Sydnee Michaels

1:03 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Felicity Johnson, Julia Boland , Moira Dunn

1:03 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Ji Young Oh, Ashli Bunch , Dottie Ardina

1:14 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Hee-Won Han, Christina Kim , Pat Hurst

1:14 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Beatriz Recari, Sandra Gal , Belen Mozo

1:25 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Mo Martin, Carlota Ciganda , Meena Lee

1:25 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Juli Inkster, Yani Tseng , Morgan Pressel

1:36 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Tiffany Joh, Brittany Lang , Eun-Hee Ji

1:36 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Na Yeon Choi, Ai Miyazato , Lizette Salas

1:47 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Sarah Jane Smith, Caroline Masson , Austin Ernst

1:47 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Suzann Pettersen, So Yeon Ryu , Anna Nordqvist

1:58 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Moriya Jutanugarn, Jeong Jang , Hannah Jun Medlock

1:58 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Ariya Jutanugarn, Charley Hull , Karin Sjodin

2:09 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Jenny Suh, Anya Alvarez , Jennifer Rosales

2:09 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Cydney Clanton, Ryann O’Toole , Kathleen Ekey

2:20 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Nicole Jeray, Katie Burnett , Kris Tamulis

2:20 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Paola Moreno, Ik Kim , Mika Miyazato


7:40 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Giulia Molinaro, Sarah Kemp, Laura Diaz

7:40 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Haley Millsap, Ayako Uehara, Alison Walshe

7:51 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Sun Young Yoo, Jane Park, Jacqui Concolino

7:51 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Hanna Kang, Xi Yu Lin, Kim Williams

8:02 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Christel Boeljon, Alena Sharp, Kelly Tan

8:02 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Lindsey Wright, Ashleigh Simon, Sydnee Michaels

8:13 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Felicity Johnson, Julia Boland, Moira Dunn

8:13 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Ji Young Oh, Ashli Bunch, Dottie Ardina

8:24 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Hee-Won Han, Christina Kim, Pat Hurst

8:24 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Beatriz Recari, Sandra Gal, Belen Mozo

8:35 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Mo Martin, Carlota Ciganda, Meena Lee

8:35 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Juli Inkster, Yani Tseng, Morgan Pressel

8:46 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Tiffany Joh, Brittany Lang, Eun-Hee Ji

8:46 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Na Yeon Choi, Ai Miyazato, Lizette Salas

8:57 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Sarah Jane Smith, Caroline Masson, Austin Ernst

8:57 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Suzann Pettersen, So Yeon Ryu, Anna Nordqvist

9:08 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Moriya Jutanugarn, Jeong Jang, Hannah Jun Medlock

9:08 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Ariya Jutanugarn, Charley Hull, Karin Sjodin

9:19 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Jenny Suh, Anya Alvarez, Jennifer Rosales

9:19 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Cydney Clanton, Ryann O’Toole, Kathleen Ekey

9:30 a.m.(No. 1 tee): Nicole Jeray, Katie Burnett, Kris Tamulis

9:30 a.m.(No. 10 tee): Paola Moreno, Ik Kim, Mika Miyazato

12:30 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Amy Anderson, Silvia Cavalleri, Megan Grehan

12:30 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Becky Morgan, Jamie Hullett, Madeleine Sheils

12:41 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Sandra Changkija, Sue Kim, Reilley Rankin

12:41 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Lisa Mccloskey, Jee Young Lee, Kristy Mcpherson

12:52 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Yueer Cindy Feng, Birdie Kim, Paz Echeverria

12:52 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Rebecca Lee-Bentham, Cindy Lacrosse, Brianna Do

1:03 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Katy Harris, Jimin Kang, Jennifer Song

1:03 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Heather Bowie Young, Caroline Westrup, Maria Hernandez

1:14 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Karine Icher, Giulia Sergas, Kim Kaufman

1:14 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Mi Hyang Lee, Dori Carter, Lorie Kane

1:25 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Jenny Shin, Line Vedel, Haru Nomura

1:25 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Chella Choi, Thidapa Suwannapura, Amelia Lewis

1:36 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Mariajo Uribe, Danielle Kang, Hee Young Park

1:36 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Ilhee Lee, Candie Kung, Julieta Granada

1:47 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Shanshan Feng, Angela Stanford, Pernilla Lindberg

1:47 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Marina Alex, Haeji Kang, Mina Harigae

1:58 p.m.(No. 1 tee): a-Gigi Stoll, Marissa Steen, Jaye Marie Green

1:58 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Chie Arimura, Natalie Sheary, Mi Jung Hur

2:09 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Erica Popson, Veronica Felibert, Wendy Ward

2:09 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Victoria Tanco, Emma Jandel, Paula Reto

2:20 p.m.(No. 1 tee): Megan Mcchrystal, Irene Coe, Jennifer Kirby

2:20 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Alejandra Llaneza, Stacey Keating, Dani Holmqvist

2:31 p.m.(No. 10 tee): Jane Rah, Louise Friberg, Joanna Klatten

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