Volvik Crystal golf ball

Among the manufacturers who are aggressively marketing golf balls in an array of colors for U.S. golfers is Volvik.

In the United States, this is Volvik’s most famous ball. It is a three-piece ball intended for golfers with slow to medium swing speeds (60 to 95 mph with a driver, according to Volvik).

The Crystal has a 350-dimple design with a Surlyn cover. It is an 80-compression ball, using Volvik’s measurement standards, and it is Volvik’s answer to the centuries-old golf riddle of providing maximum distance along with suitable greenside control.

Available in orange, yellow, pink and green, the Crystal is a durable, affordable ball that is an appropriate choice for a large variety of golfers.

Why do some players prefer colored golf balls?

Visibility can be a factor. A colored ball often is easier to see in the air. This also is true for a golf ball on the ground. Colored balls tend to stand out after they stop rolling. And in a game dominated by white balls, a colored ball generally can be identified with ease.

The design, construction and performance of colored balls is identical to the white versions.

Cost: $29.99 per dozen.

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