October 12, 2003 | 10:14 a.m.

2003: Fitness link can get game in sync

James Achenbach

Gyms for golfers. In a society obsessed with fitness, this was bound to happen. And it has – in a big, important way.

Golf fitness is not about building bulging muscles or sculpting a beachworthy body. It is about developing the proper combination of flexibility and strength for a sport that requires the body to bend, flex, extend and twirl. It is about achieving a level of fitness that helps prevent injuries.

Can’t turn as much as you would like on the backswing? This is a job for the fitness pro, not the golf pro.

In Gaithersburg, Md., Dr. Greg ...

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Categories: Instruction
October 12, 2003 | 10:12 a.m.

2003: Crystal ball reveals a fit future

James Achenbach

Palm Desert, Calif.

Henceforth, when I am asked my opinion about the 21st century golf swing, I will have a new answer: “See your fitness professional, then see your golf professional, and make sure these two people are best of friends.”

I have seen the future of golf, and it is the synchronization of the fitness pro and the golf pro.

Rob Mottram opened my eyes. The former physical therapist for both the U.S. Ryder Cup and U.S. Presidents Cup teams, Mottram owns a Palm Desert training facility, Golf Health & Performance Center. He counsels several touring pros, including ...

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Categories: Instruction
Golfweek Staff

(This is the latest in a series of articles by nationally known PGA of America instructor Mike Malaska in the “Skilled Player” section of Golfweek Preferred.)

By Mike Malaska

It is impossible to underrate the importance of having a consistent, goal-oriented practice routine. People who are successful in business, or in any field, have a routine. We can be talking about surgeons, dentists, doctors, lawyers or car mechanics – all have checklists of things they go through. And if one part doesn’t work, they don’t go on to the next part. They spend a little more time on it ...

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Categories: Instruction
February 26, 2002 | midnight

Swing help for sale: the training aid

James Achenbach

At one of the first PGA Teaching & Coaching Summits in the early 1990s, the irreverent Mac O'Grady listened to a presentation on training aids by Gary Wiren and Wally Armstrong, then announced, "These guys ought to be arrested."

O’Grady was no fan of training aids.

In the past decade, the popularity of training aids has grown substantially. Commercials and infomercials for training aids are omnipresent. Leading golf instructors, recognizing a steady stream of income, endorse these products almost beyond the point of believability.

But, as Wiren points out today: “Training aids wouldn’t be accepted by the golfing ...

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Categories: Instruction
February 26, 2002 | midnight

Greens are faster than they once were

Bradley S. Klein

For all the upgrades in putting equipment in recent years, one easily overlooked improvement can be found in the putting surfaces themselves. In the past 30 years, greens have gotten faster, smoother and more uniform on courses. On the PGA Tour circuit, green speeds also have become more consistent from one course to the next. The result is better ball roll and a more predictable playing surface. That means golfers can make a more uniform putting stroke, with fewer adjustments for surface conditions.

Proof of this comes in data from the U.S. Golf Association Green Section, which started indexing ...

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Categories: Instruction
February 26, 2002 | midnight

How improved flexibility can help you

James Achenbach

ANAHEIM, Calif. – If you as a golfer do not pay attention to the overall strength and condition of your body, you probably are adding strokes and losing driving distance.

Whether you are a man or woman, a lack of flexibility or strength can easily lead to unwanted compensations during the golf swing.

These were key messages from the four-day World Golf Fitness Summit that ended Oct. 19 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Trainers and researchers from 10 countries were uncompromising in their belief that poor fitness is a major contributor to poor golf.

The good news, according to these experts ...

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