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“I'm not sure I've ever experienced anything like that. I turned to my caddie and I said, ‘how many shots have they taken?’ I didn't know if -- I thought that maybe Fred had taken an unplayable, but I wasn't sure and he wasn't quite sure. And I think he did, didn't he? I started thinking, ‘well, he had an unplayable, these guys are both making double, I think.’ Because, I have to be honest, I was nervous,” he admitted. “In having, kind of getting right there to the threshold of winning, it was the most nervous I had been all day. And unfortunately for them and they -- you drive it in the left there, you just, nothing good happens on that hole.”
- Tom Lehman on Senior PGA Championship victory after a 3-way playoff with Fred Couples and David Frost at the Colorado Golf Club. Couples and Frost had errant tee shots on the first playoff hole.