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To help teach Tseng the proper takeaway and wrist hinge, Gilchrist had her make practice swings while holding a club in each hand. It is important to hover both clubs above the ground before starting the swing. This forces the player to keep the club in a balanced position throughout the swing.

Controlling a club with one arm makes it difficult to make many of the mistakes typical of amateurs.

“If you take it back incorrectly, it’s going to feel terrible,” Gilchrist said. “It helps you get the club more in balance. The clubs should feel nice and light.”

Having the club in balance helps naturally flatten it in the transition between the backswing and downswing, Gilchrist said.

In Tseng’s case, this drill kept her from taking the club back outside and with a closed clubface, and kept her from getting the club laid off when she hinged her wrists. Gilchrist also had Tseng make swings with her right index finger running down the shaft. This increased her sensitivity to the clubface’s position, allowing her to feel it properly rotate throughout the swing.