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Tseng used to stand too far from the ball. She
started her swing by taking the clubface outside
the target line and shut. To compensate, she would
swing the club more around her body as she
hinged her wrists. The club was laid off at the top
of the swing, which pulled her weight back to her
left side, instead of allowing it to load properly
on her right side.
“The face started shut, then got open,” Gilchrist
The weight would return to her right side during
the downswing as she “backed out” of the shot.
To fix this, Gilchrist has Tseng make practice
swings while holding a soccer ball. This drill helps
players feel their arms and body staying connected
throughout the swing.
To get Tseng to properly shift her weight in the
downswing, Gilchrist would stand down Tseng’s
target line and have her release the soccer ball
at impact. Her weight must be properly shifting
to her left side for her to throw the ball straight
at Gilchrist..