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Kirk had played baseball growing up, which led to his swinging the golf club around his body, similar to a baseball swing. This has led to a closed clubface at the top of the backswing, which means Kirk
doesn’t need to release the clubface much at impact to get it square to his target line. “His one tendency is to get a little too handsy,” Love said. It can lead to a hook. The drills that Love has given Kirk are aimed at fixing that problem. In one drill, Kirk addresses the ball, then lifts his left leg so that only his toes are touching the ground. He also moves his left foot slightly farther from the target line than his right foot. Because most of his weight is on one leg, it encourages him to turn around that axis and use his body, not hands, to deliver the club through impact. This results in his releasing the club later. Also, because he is balanced on one leg, it is more difficult to hit the ball solidly if he is too “handsy” through impact. “He has to release later in order to keep his balance,” Love said.