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Some simple address adjustments help Tseng hit a variety of short-game shots. When she wants to hit a low, running shot, she places the ball farther back in her stance. This gets her shoulders more square at address, which causes her to swing more around her body.
“The club moves slightly inside, but it’s
on the arc of her body,” Gilchrist said.
When she wants to hit a higher shot,
she puts the ball forward in her stance,
which opens her shoulders. Many amateurs know to swing along their shoulder line
when hitting high chip shots but neglect
to reroute the club in the transition, instead coming “over the top.” Just as in the full swing, the club’s shaft must flatten during the
downswing while still swinging along
the shoulder line.
To help players achieve this, Gilchrist has them address the ball in a position that mimics the impact position of the full swing. The player’s weight should be on the left side, braced against a bent left knee, with the upper torso bent slightly to the right.