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Poor setup can cause
problems throughout the putting stroke. Tseng used to have the ball too far forward in her stance, which caused her shoulders to be open. The ball was positioned off of her left foot; now it’s under her left eye (pictured). As a rule of thumb, the
farther forward a player has the ball in
the stance,
the farther left the shoulders will aim, and vice versa.
Tseng also used to set up with a closed
putter face, which caused her
to “drag” her putter inside the target line, Gilchrist said.
“The putter would go inside and shut on the backswing, and then out (to the right) on the through swing,” Gilchrist said. “Once the putter face is square,
it can move on the proper arc.”
Players with an open face have a tendency to swing
the club outside the target
line on the backswing, while
a closed face causes many
players, including Tseng,
to take the club inside.
Tseng also was too far away from the ball and too “scrunched over” the ball.
“Then you can’t rock your shoulders,” Gilchrist said. “The arms dominate the stroke.”