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Think you’re a good bunker player? Try hitting bunker shots with a 6-iron. This drill makes standard bunker shots look easy
by comparison, Smith said. It also forces
a player to focus on fundamentals.
Smith said he has a tendency to
overlook basics such as ball position
during long practice sessions. The only
way to be successful with the 6-iron is
to keep the ball forward in his stance,
where it should be during standard sand shots, Smith said. The 6-iron, with its lack
of loft and bounce, also forces Smith to
keep the face open through impact, just
like a standard sand shot.
“If you watch the great bunker players,
it’s like they’re lighting a match in the
bunker, the club is moving so fast,”
Smith said. “That’s what you have to do
with the 6-iron. You can’t hesitate. You have
to get under the ball quick and have to leave the club under the ball.”