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Like his full swing, Mahan practices
hitting chips with an extended pause after
the completion of his backswing. This drill
improves his tempo.
“He’d hold the club (in place) for 3 seconds,
then make it accelerate all the way to the
finish,” Foley said. “After the pause, he’d
have to accelerate by pulling the club
through (impact), instead of pushing
it through with the right hand. We’d
accelerate all the way to the finish
to ingrain that, even though you’ve made
impact with the ball, you have to continue
to accelerate.”
When Mahan started working with
Foley, Mahan would “take it back real
quick, start down real quick and have
no follow-through,” Foley said. “Now, the
hands create the angle (with the club), and
the angle is maintained the whole time.
He feels like he’s doing a lot of work with
the weight on his left side and with the
pivot of his body, so he’s taking the hands
out of the shot.”