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Arnold Palmer and his memorabilia

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Boxes of Arnold Palmer's hats from over the years sit on shelves.

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The entrance to Arnold Palmer's golf course, Latrobe Country Club.
A bridge at the 11th hole of Arnold Palmer's course, Latrobe Country Club, in Latrobe, Pa.
Arnold Palmer and his brother Jerry Palmer in the grill room at Latrobe Country Club.
An old pin in Arnold Palmer's collection of memorabilia.
Doc Giffin, Arnold Palmer's longtime assistant, in the warehouse that holds a variety of Palmer memorabilia.
A variety of memorabilia lines the walls and floors of the warehouse.
Some of Arnold Palmer's memorabilia contains photos and letters from as far away as Japan.
Photos of Arnold Palmer are displayed with a variety of clubs and shoes in the warehouse.
Arnold Palmer has a few shelves of his golf shoes he wore in tournaments.
Boxes of Arnold Palmer's hats from over the years sit on shelves.
The walls of Arnold Palmer's warehouse in Latrobe, Pa., are covered with a variety of memorabilia from pictures of events and even family photos.
A section of shelves are lined with old film of Arnold Palmer, from golf events, to movies and instructional pieces.
Banners line the streets of downtown Latrobe, Pa., where Arnold Palmer grew up.
Arnold Palmer reads the newspaper in his office in Latrobe, Pa.
Arnold Palmer's personal golf cart is always loaded with the latest toys.
Arnold Palmer in his workroom during a Golfweek shoot.
Arnold Palmer in his workshop next to his office.
Arnold Palmer practices his throwing skills outside his office for an upcoming baseball engagement as part of his 80th birthday celebrations.
Arnold Palmer in his trophy room with his dog Mulligan.
Arnold Palmer spends some quiet time in his office.